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Ready To Die By The Cupid's Bow? Read This To Plan A Perfect First Date In Pune

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - May 9, 202410 min read

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Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along - Rumi


Indeed, these words of wisdom by Rumi set apart the feeling quite right. Lovers who are meant to be together, are always on a collision course, no matter how farther you may place them apart, love finds a way back.


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And when the two souls unite, the first touch and those conversations through eyes, they say it all. You won't need to say much or rather the least to say that you're in love. It's a feeling best left undescribed, because there may not be enough words to justify the sense of happiness it brings along. And along with happiness, it brings curiosity, nervousness and many other things that we think about before going on the first date. 


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So if you have been going to through something similar and if you need the answers to all those questions in your mind, then this will map it out for you. We bring to you a complete guide to planning a first date in Pune. From where to go, what to do and what to keep in mind to leave an everlasting good impression, you've got it all here.  


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Choose A Venue That's Comfortable Enough For The Two Of You


See, the trick lies in keeping things informed, taking suggestions seriously and coming to a decision that's mutual. So firstly, pick up the phone and have a conversation about how should the two of you spark things up on your date. Ask for food preferences, if he/she likes it quiet or crazy, if a long drive before that would work or not, and then come up with something the two of you can enjoy.


A suggestion, you should definitely choose somewhere you can talk, it will be the first chance that the two of you would get to share your heart out, and loud music or crowded spaces would only make things difficult for the much needed interaction. 


A few suggestions to choose from?


Sit, Lounge & Have A Speak Your Heart Out At Malaka Spice

Although, there may be a number of other places that can make for a perfect setup, yet one place that stand's out from the rest is the Malaka Spice. A classical setting amidst verdant surroundings, with a quiet and soothing atmosphere, would work just fine for a conversation you've been dying to have. The food is equally amazing to go with those humorous chats and romantic gestures. Just make sure to book a table in advance so that your paramour wouldn't have to wait anymore.  


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Sinhagad For Those Long Romantic Walks

After when you're done exploring each other's personalities, just head out to a calm and serene dive into nature at Sinhagad. Strolling through its majestic ruins, holding hands, talking, soaking in the panoramically beautiful sights and those moments that would surely make your first date more memorable than ever. Click pictures or just seal away these moments as memories, your date is sure to be astonished by the thought of such walk after a great lunch and those conversations. 


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Feel The Thrills Of Adventure Sports At Panshet Dam 

If your date is into adventures, then skip the long walks at Sinhagad and head to the Panshet Dam instead, at an equal distance altogether, the two of you can surely have some fun that this quaint corner of Pune packs away. But remember to not push your date into trying anything, it can turn out to be the only thing that he/she may not like about the date. But if the other person is into such things, you should definitely try the number of adventure sports available here. Such experiences bring out that feeling of love and trust among the two in love. 


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Khadakwasla For A Sunset That You Won't Forget

And who doesn't love getting clicked across beautiful spectacles of nature? I'm sure your date would love to! At an hour away from either Panshet Dam or Sinhagad is a beautiful place called Khadakwasla, which makes for a perfect backdrop for those first date selfies. The drive up to here is equally beautiful and better than the journey this once would be your destination, for it would leave you awestruck with a glance at the sweeping vistas speckled around. Just make sure that you bring a tumbler of hot coffee or tea and you'll definitely see a huge smile on your confidante today. Catching the sunset here feels like eloping into love and living those romantic dreams. Entirely, the place is romantic and mystic, both at the same once. 


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Done with the venue and you're sorted? Not really, there still are a number of things that can go wrong. From the way you dress up for a day in Pune to what should your date expect from this day, there are these specific things that can make or break your impression on a first date. So let's talk about those dating ethics and ground rules you need to lay for a perfect romantic date.


Things To Keep In Mind


Keep Him/Her Informed

No matter what you think would make for a great surprise, please don't hide any plans from your date. It's creepier than you think. Surprises don't usually end up as great as they seem, and at such an elementary stage of this relationship, bringing a rabbit out of the hat won't take away any applauds. So, plan, discuss, decide and inform beforehand. Make sure that everything you think of doing today is decided mutually and is informed at both the ends of this relationship. There may be somethings that wouldn't go as per the plan, but then that'll be spontaneous enough to be understood. 


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Just Drive & Don't Rush To The Destination

We know that you have F1 battle worthy driving skills, but you should definitely keep them at home today. For today is the day to take things slow, even your car or that speedy bike if you may, and make sure that such thrills, cheap ones are kept away for the later stages of this relationship, only if it covers that distance. 

Keeping a great playlist ready would work wonders. When on a bike, planning a route that's scenic would help your cause, but don't ever rush to the destination. It would show that you're eager to end the date or you're immature enough to drive rash. 


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Dress Up Subtle, Not Sensational

Wearing those bright sunny sunglasses, a bright bracelet or loads of accessories, the shiniest of shoes or that revealing dress, not today! Just make sure that you're subtle enough to be hung around with, your date shouldn't feel that he/she is walking around with a mannequin on display. Opt for soothing colours and don't overdo anything, less is cool and comfortable makes for the best dressing sense ever. 


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For Men: Just go with a nice comfy pair of denim jeans along with a bright t-shirt and layer up with a jacket if it's cold outside. Also, make sure that your shoes are clean and presentable enough today & refrain from wearing slippers or loafers, they're tacky enough for occasions like a first date. 


For Women: Well, you don't need any piece of advice on dressing up, but one thing to abide by is looking comfortable than being an eye magnet today. You're beautiful the way you are and just that would spread the magic you wish to. 


Treat The Service Staff At Restaurants Courteously

While having a meal at a restaurant, just make sure to treat the service staff courteously. Not your date, or anyone who would want to be in a relationship with you if you don't respect those service staff at such places. Instead, when you are courteous to these people, you're to set your impression as a caring, humble and humane individual. 


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Adhere To The Clock & Don't Be Late

Getting late on a first date should be the last thing you can do. Such things portray you to be careless enough to handle relationships. These instances make you less dependable for a prefered companion. So buy an alarm clock if you have to, move heaven and earth if you need to, but don't get late on your first date. 


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First Dates are like those unchartered territories that come across as the ground zero for your journey into love. Making sure that everything goes perfect is hypothetical enough, but making sure that the overall experience falls right in places is something we can guarantee. Just make sure that you're on the same page with the other person and things would sail smoothe in the ocean of love.


Also, remember that if it does not work out the way you expect it to be, then it's nothing grave enough. Just that the two of you aren't in the same emotional space at the same time. So respect the other person's decision and make sure that you're mature enough to handle it calmly. There definitely is the right one for you, waiting out there, or not, but you are destined to find the path of love eventually. 




Q. What are the best romantic restaurants in Pune? 

A. Pune has a host of romantic places to dine with the love of your life, including Mineority By Saby, Atmosphere 6, Village The Soul Of India, Paasha - JW Marriot, Addah - The O Hotel & Cocoparra.


Q. Any suggestions for a late-night date in Pune?

A. Alto Pino, The Sassy Spoon, The Flour Works, Boteco, are few of those places for a perfect late-night date in Pune.


Q. What are the most romantic getaways near Pune?

A. Some of the most visited romantic getaways near Pune include Lavasa, Kune, Karjat, Mahabaleshwar, Dabhol, Palghar.