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Increase Engagement With These Top 8 Facebook Post Ideas Overnight

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Facebook marketing is all about experimenting with what's trending. These top 8 Facebook post ideas are all you need to increase engagement on your business page overnight. One needs to understand customer's behaviour on social media engagement to know what works for them. It's time to experiment with these ideas and strategize accordingly the next time you add a facebook post on your business page.


1. Sell Your Best - Most Trending Item/Exclusive Vouchers

Being selective and experimenting with what's trending is the key to getting more engagement. Sell the best deals and vouchers via Social media. It doesn't cost much, just coming with a quirky idea and presenting it in the best manner.

facebook post vouchers


2. Share Videos - User Experiences, Partnerships

Videos are not only the most efficient way to increase the engagement but they also help the customers in getting hooked. The more videos you upload on your business page, the chances of people viewing it and spending more time on the page increases. Adding partnership videos is definitely a highlight - Experiment as much as possible to know what's trending the best.

partnerships - videos facebook post


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3. Engage Your Audience - Ask Questions?!

Take an opinion of your followers. Come up with polls, and creative questions which would engage more users. A simple question testing the IQ of a person can be the best example. Upload a photo and ask your followers to caption the post.

facebook post


4. Share Blog Posts

It's always a great idea to have a company blog to engage an audience as one can make a huge advantage of interlinking blogs directly to the crucial pages of the website. It serves a dual purpose of profiting the brand and giving the audience useful tips and tips through various articles depending on the niche. Figure out what your audience likes by experimenting with various categories then focus on writing about blogs which engages the highest number of audience.

blogs - facebook post


5. Look Out For Inspirational Quotes/Campaigns

Everybody likes a little motivation through everything they scroll or go through. A good motivational quote can brighten someone's day in seconds. It's always good to add inspirational pictures with captions to motivate your audience. One can even do an occasion based campaign promoting inspiring stories.

facebook post


6. Feature Influencers

One thing which never fails to attract your everyday users is content which includes the most influential people. Collaborate with bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers to get quirky content as they never fail to attract a huge number of audience. Repost a video or content which is relevant to your brand and we assure you it will always work. Look up for the high-quality content influencers to get the best numbers.

feature influencers - facebook post


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7. Sell It With Memes

Joke around a little, experiment with memes - include them in your campaign-related posts or even post a few generic ones related to your brands. Everybody admires a funny post - get together and decide upon some funny meme ideas and design a humorous meme to catch everybody's attention. Remember a lot of tagging happens on memes - so get ready to get more engagement on your post. Post about things that your audience can relate to easily - focus on fan-centric content.

memes facebook post


8. Giveaways

Who doesn't like freebies? Hold competitions which makes people get goodies on a weekly or monthly basis. Make people look forward to these contests. One can always create a competition based on captioning a picture, posting a selfie or it can also be about tagging people. We assure you that you'll get the maximum number of engagement when it comes to posts assuring freebies. 

facebook post


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