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Get Your Makeup Routine on Point With the Best Indian beauty Vloggers On Youtube

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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With the popularity of Youtube and the blogging industry expanding, more and more YouTubers and bloggers in the country are using Vlogging as a way to express their ideas, opinions, lifestyle and other things. Since, in the age of digitalization, our attention spans are as short as 8 seconds, video blogging is even taking over writing as a method to spread out your message because the audience prefers to watch videos rather than reading now. It's a visual way of presenting ideas. 


What exactly is Vlogging?

Vlog or a short for Video blog is a form of a blog for which the medium is a video. Youtube is a great platform for putting your vlog skills out there. The beauty vlog section on Youtube is BIG now. There are so many exceptionally talented beauty vloggers on Youtube helping millions of girls learn how to do makeup, take care of their skin with their skin-care tips and beauty regimes and putting it out there for the world to see. 

We have curated a list of the Best beauty vloggers on Youtube for you to learn the best makeup tips and see the reviews of your favorite beauty products before you'll go ahead and try them. Follow them and trust me, it will CHANGE your life. 


1. Shreya Jain

A simple and sweet girl just like all of us who uses her Youtube channel as a gateway to help all the girls with their day-to-day makeup queries. From makeup swatches, fashion lookbooks, beauty and hair products suggestions, product reviews, nail paint reviews and makeup hauls, Shreya Jain has taken the Youtube Indian blogger world by storm with 26,894 subscribers at the moment. Follow her for all your beauty and makeup woes and let her take the lead. 





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2. Komal Khulbe 

We all know her by the name - 'Indianfashionblogger'. She is a professional Indian fashion + lifestyle + beauty Youtuber. She produces beauty, fashion, D.I.Y, and self-help videos. Komal Khulbe holds a Masters degree in English Literature and is heavily into freelance writing and fashion blogging.





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3. Sakshi Sindwani 

Sakshi is a lifestyle, beauty and fashion Vlogger. She also does a lot of haul videos. Her hauls include makeup and market hauls or things that she has bought from a Fashion website. Even though she only has around 19K followers on Youtube, she is already quite popular in the beauty bloggers segment. 





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4. Scherezade Shroff

Started her career as a model, and also did a cameo appearance in the Bollywood movie 'Bluffmaster'. She used to run a popular blog called "Fashionalized" providing style and trend tips and through that was invited by Youtube to be the face of a new channel. She worked here for 9 months. Leaving that, she started her own Youtube channel by her name. She provides makeup and grooming tutorials and DIY tips. 





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5. Sejal Kumar

If minimalist looks are all you crave for then you just can't go wrong with Sejal as she always keeps it simplistic and stylish. Her makeup routines are easy to grasp and you can crack any of them easily which is one of the reasons she has a crazy number of followers. Do check out her night routine to know what keeps her going.





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6. ShrutiArjunAnand

She is a Youtube star who has started her own channel targetted towards Indian Women. She has a lot to offer with her makeup and styling tips and is rocking the Beauty vlogger segment on Youtube with her insane makeup tutorials, beauty hauls and tips that take your beauty a notch up.





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7. Farah Dhukai

Wanna know which lipstick is trending this season or which one should definitely not be on your shopping list? Farah's got the best makeup reviews at her tips. Next time you wanna know which Kylie shade suits you the best just switch to her youtube channel immediately. Wanna know how you should be making your teeth white or for that matter HOW you should wash your hair, Farah Dhukai is to your rescue. She has a HUGE following only for her perfect knack for doing expert makeup on the screen to teach all her followers. 






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8. Kaushal Beauty

With millions of subscribers on Youtube, she is the Queen of makeup. Almost touching 2 million subscribers, nobody does it better than her. Her bio says "I like to collect fabulous things and I like to wear lipstick" and that describes her so perfectly. Her makeup tutorials and hair hacks are a class apart and only leave you wanting for more. Her extra skin care routines and weird ways to remove and refresh her makeup take the cake away amongst an array of amazing youtube videos that she makes.  





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Q. How often should a beauty youtuber do a haul video?

A. Once or twice in one season. 


Q. Which is the best YouTuber to learn how to apply makeup from?

A. Kaushak beauty is amazing.