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Delhiites, Head To These Insta-Worthy Cafes For Your Next Outing

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Dec. 18, 2020 9 min read

Not more than a decade ago the idea for day-out in Delhi usually included a short trip to the most famous architectural wonders of the city, chai from the nearest Tapri and Chaat-Papdi-Gossip sessions from the famous vendor in the area. It's 2020 now and things aren't as simple as they used to be. The only people who take some time out for sight-seeing are the tourists visiting the city for the first time and Chai-Pe-Charcha is just an impromptu conference between work friends. Although the gossip sesh over mouth-watering food still has the same format.



But if you look at the upside... D-town is currently brimming with tens & thousands of options to spend time at. They have upgraded their game by making heart-warming food everybody loves. And they've also re-created the ambience and the vibe in order to make our culinary experience the best one. However, if you've missed out on any of the best ones in Delhi, need not worry because I have with me a list of 22 Insta-worthy cafes perfect for all occasions. 



Image Courtesy: magicpin


Rose Cafe resembles a fairy-land tea party I used to dream of attending when I was a mere kid of 10. The combination of turquoise, pink and white makes its decor just perfect for an attractive Instagram feed. The heaps of food options and a multi-cuisine menu makes the place a living wonderland. Additionally, this cafe also offers a handful of vegan varieties if that's what you wish to have today. 


Image Courtesy: Marryam H Reshii


Situated in Mehrauli, Grammar Room is one of the best upscale brunch places in Delhi. With sophisticated interiors and even more sophisticated food, the restaurant offers you a great palette of aesthetics and flavours... just enough to brighten up your feed any day of the week. It's the perfect place if you're looking to go on a brunch date with bae or friends. Although don't knock-on those breakfast mimosas like its the end of the world. 


Image Courtesy: Zomato


A newbie in town is the perfect setting for brunch as well as a dinner date with your base. The terrace looks phenomenal, the indoors is dreamy and the food is excellent. So, if you ask me, I think this place will look rad on your Insta feed. And if this wasn't enough, the place hosts Ladies night, Live music night and more during the latter part of the week which would also be really cool for your followers. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


A casual dining restaurant in Delhi is also the home of beautiful settings, high-on-life vibes and mouth-watering food... perfect to show-off on your Instagram. You can visit this place with no cover charge and enjoy a chilly yet romantic evening with your bae... provided the view of this place is spectacular. And while you're up there, don't forget to order their chocolate pie for the desserts, I've heard... its awesome. 


Image Courtesy: Justdial


Overlooking the famous Hauz Khas Lake, Mia Bella is the most romantic and gram-worthy cafes in Delhi. Now, I've been to this cafe once but I still cannot get over how beautiful it is. The food, the lighting, the tables, the music... everything is in perfect sync with the vibe of the place. However, if you're only there for the food, their Artichoke Pizza and Chicken Stroganoff is to die for. 


Image Courtesy: Mint


With a calm atmosphere on the terrace and a yummy brunch menu, this place is perfect for lazy winter afternoons. This lesser-known cafe is located in the heart of Delhi which in my opinion has the simplistic charm that attracts a lot of people to explore their amazing and innovative food menu which includes beetroot ka halva. There’s no loud music, no harsh light which makes this cafe an ideal place for creating ideas.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Situated in Anand Lok and Race Course, Diggin Cafe is one of the most beautiful cafes in town. The fact that it's Insta-worthy comes from the fairly land re-created in the space. Pretty lightings, lush-green garden, outdoor seating and delicious food... what more a cafe such as this can offer. Do visit the place during Holiday season and you'll have your photo gallery filled with love and aesthetics. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Already known as the best book cafe in Delhi, Blue Tokai is most definitely an Insta-worthy destination in town. Not just that. You also get to enjoy handmade flavours of coffee which you might not find anywhere else. So, if your idea of the perfect evening includes cosy vibes, books all around, brewed coffee on the table and your best people right in front of you... then this place is undoubtedly your jam. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


This cafe-style restaurant specializes in a European menu, which in turn is complemented by minimalist wooden interiors and soothing blue and white walls. Their must-haves include the Oven Roasted Belgian Pork Belly,m and Tenderloin Piccata Salad which can be enjoyed with drinks from their expansive wine menu.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


It's quite easy to fall prey to this very famous Instagram worthy cafe an ever-bustling city like Delhi. Not only its a writer's paradise with bookshelves around but also has a lip-smacking breakfast menu you'd never regret. They are quite crowded in the morning with college students and office goers who want to enjoy a good meal but rest assured... Cafe Tesu will not fail to offer you some phenomenal shots for your gram any day. Furthermore, there's alcohol, free-wifi and board games to make your plans even more interesting. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


A great joint for the post-work party sesh. Cafe Dori serves a wide array of items from various cuisines and is quite well-known for its unique selection of dishes. The artsy decor will definitely take your heart away. It's an ideal place to bring out the creativity in you as the ambience is too beautiful. If you wish to visit this place during the winters do take a sip of their drool-worthy Hot Chocolate. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Brought to life by our very own lifestyle brand Fabindia, Fabe Cafe is a visual treat for aesthetic lovers and a food haven for health-conscious ones. The place is replete with Insta-worthy frames large window panes, huge potted plants and white walls adorning beautiful paintings. I'd suggest this place to people who don't wish to compromise on taste even if they are on strict diets. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


What makes this place addictive for Instagram enthusiasts? Well, first of all, the Japanese sitting arrangement with yellow chairs, the blue teapots on the table, and open verandah and the fact that their chocolate mousse is to die for. Picking out this cafe in Saket for your next outing will not only get you great pictures to post but also offer good time with friends, family or base. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


If you wish to get a feel of sitting somewhere away from the hustle-bustle of the capital and enjoy the vibe of a hillside area for a while, then head to this cosy place with tree log tables and laid back comfy old chairs. You can totally get away with the hashtag 'wanderlust' even if you never left the town. And while you're visiting the mountains (ssshhh... its a secret) do try their Cottage Cheese Sandwich, Onion soup and Salami pizza.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


AMA Cafe is one of the highlights of Majnu Ka Tila where you'll find locals hanging out on a lazy Sunday and hipsters mulling over profound matters. This cafe belongs to the list of best cafes in Delhi because of its pretty walls where you can get a picture that would grab thousands of likes on Instagram. Filled with a few books here and there, this cafe is a must-visit to join the beautiful people with a piece of cake to go along with the conversations. Also, I personally love their food so order as much as you want, it's all amazing.


Image Courtesy: Eatigo


With teal and white-coloured walls, faux green decor and the cool wall graffiti in the smoking area upstairs, it’s a cafe that belongs on your Insta feed. The Brew Room is one of those best cafes in Delhi that serves mind-blowing coffees which in fact are handcrafted. You'll leave this place very content because of the heart-warming coffee that went straight to your heart and loads of pictures which would go straight on your feed. 


Image Courtesy: elmasbakery


This place has done its best to retain its charm in the many years since it opened in Hauz Khas. From maintaining the entrance through narrow stairs to offering flavours you'd never forget to providing comfy lounge sofas and old-wall wall clocks... Elma's Bakery has outdone itself when it comes to feed-worthy decor and drool-worthy dishes. It reminds me of some small-old-English place tucked away in London. But the best part; it serves one of the best breakfasts in the city. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


A beautiful place that has a mesmerizing decor and soft lighting, perfect for a romantic date. It has cushy furniture that is as beautiful as anything here. The serene ambience is perfectly complemented by the fantastic service that they have to offer. It also offers a variety of scrumptious American and Bengali delicacies.


Image Courtesy: Sup Delhi


Enclosed by the famous Oxford Library in CP, Cha Bar is one of those plain yet tasteful cafes in Delhi. With tonnes of books on one side and drool-worthy dishes on the other, the place one of the most visited book cafes in town. You can even order exotic teas and nibble on yummy finger food whilst capturing every nook and corner of the cafe. Also, if you don't wish to do that, reading is fine too. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Tucked away in the by-lanes of our hangout Adda Hauz Khas Village, is this absolutely gorgeous cafe with long European windows and green potted plants and climbers. This touch of nature along with Continental and Keralite cuisine on the menu makes Coast Cafe a must-visit place for bloggers with a handy camera.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Peaceful environment, wooden interiors, healthy food options and super-chill vibes... I don't think there's anything more you'd want in one of the most aesthetic Instagram worthy of the town. Additionally, there's ample space for larger parties, the setting is very calm and beautiful and the food here is amazing. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Jugmug Thela is one of those best cafes in Delhi that has simple elements still has been designed so beautifully that you'll fall in love with it no matter what. Basic wooden decor, plants and a nicely done gravel path makes it stand out. The best part of this cafe is that you can come here for Insta-worthy pictures and heart-to-heart conversation with friends since the place doesn't have loud music. The place gets really pretty in the evening, so if you plan to visit choose the latter part of the golden hour to do so. 


Go on, charge your phone and get ready to explore the city. 


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