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Revamp Your Kitchen With These Decor Items

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Nov. 24, 2020 6 min read

I might not sound like the cooking-type but I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Well, now I do. I'll admit there was a period I didn't exactly step into this particular area of my home a lot. But lockdown changed a few things around my house. Frequent visits to the kitchen was one of them. Funny, how life gives you lemons &... spatula even if you aren't ready for it. However, I am glad that it did. The opportunity to cook these many dishes at home was sure golden. But I would've enjoyed it even more if my kitchen looked half as good as the ones in those TV commercials and movies. I can practically hear you thinking about the same thing.


So, without any delays, I'd like to lay down some ideas to revamp your kitchen right this instant. Ready?


Here are 10 Kitchen decor items that are up for grabs. 


1. Napkin Holder From The Pitara Project

This napkin holder from The Pitara Project is the perfect transcription of talent and innovation. I love the fact that it's tasteful and opulent and at the same time looks nothing like your basic napkin holder. From where I am looking, this tableware item is a smart move if you're looking for something to spruce up your kitchen decor by a wide margin. The steel clip is stainless-steel so you don't have to worry a lot about rusting and the base is made out of good quality wood, hence a thoughtful investment. 


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The Pitara Project

Image Courtesy: The Pitara Project


2. Firdaus Bottle From Glass Forest

Made from Borosilicate clear glass, Firdaus Bottle from Glass Forest is a kitchen decor piece that would add sophistication and class to your kitchenware without much effort. From mixing up martinis for house parties to decanting your favourite wines for a late-night movie date, pouring juices or plain water for intimate brunches and more... this bottle is the key to a perfect home decor situation. Not only it's handcrafted and hand-blown, but its also lightweight, thermal resistant and very stylish. Now, although this bottle costs a bit more than we usually spend on kitchenware but its totally going to be an investment worth looking at. 


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Glass Forest

Image Courtesy: Glass Forest


3. Handpainted Wooden Plate From Floursha Design

A small virtual shop bejewelled with hand-painted wooden kitchenware that you'd definitely want in your kitchen. Honestly, I'd go with this one since it's very large, really pretty and believe it or not... quite useful. You can use it as a tray for a large party at your place or simply place it in your kitchen as a beloved decor piece. The choice is all yours. 


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Floursha Design

Image Courtesy:


4. Scandic Lidded Tureen From Freedom Tree

Known for their modest decor items, Freedom Tree's handcrafted tureen is no less than a piece of art. Made from Sheesham wood, this kitchenware is as handy as it is stunning. From chapatis to bread rolls and more... it is known to keep the food warm. This tureen will be a priced addition to your tableware and also, life. Now, despite the fact that it's a bit expensive but, trust me, you do not want to miss out the opportunity to own such an artful item in your kitchen. And moreover, it's going to be a one-time investment. 


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Freedom Tree

Image Courtesy: Freedom Tree


5. Handmade Turkish Blue Jug & Mug Set From Amalfiee Ceramics

This easy pour handmade Turkish blue jug and mug set is one of the must-have items from our list. Why? Firstly, check out the delicate artwork on the piece; it's beautiful. Secondly, the set is scratch resistant and microwave-safe. And lastly, the exotic theme-work on the jug and mug compliments all kinds of tableware that you might possess in your kitchen. So, if you wish to serve drinks and other beverages in style while maintaining the class of your kitchen decor, this beautiful piece should be your ultimate choice. 


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Image Courtesy: Amalfiee Ceramics


6. Hexagonal Coasters From Yours Concretely

It's remarkable how Yours Concretely is actually hand-crafting tableware items made out of nothing but concrete and pure vision. After my careful nitpicking, I ended up going for these beautiful hexagonal coasters since they look incredibly classy and are undoubtedly useful. Although in my humble opinion, spend money on this only if you don't have small kids around, since it's a bit hasty to take care of such a delicate item with little munchkins jumping around. 


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Yours Concretely

Image Courtesy: Yours Concretely


7. Classic Black Handle Flatware Caddy From Nestroots

If the idea to revamp your kitchen appeals you a lot, I think this item should be at the top of your list. I mean, get rid of those ugly looking plastic cutlery holder and go for something more sophisticated item... for instance this impressive flatware caddy from Nestroots. Not only it's an aesthetical addition to your kitchenware but also very durable and handy. Designed by skilled craftsman and artisans, this kitchen decor piece is a sustainable and authentic solution to all your tabletop cutlery lying around in a mess. Furthermore, you can either use it as a spoon stand for your dining table or simply turn it into a cutlery rack for your kitchen, it's all up to you. 


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Image Courtesy: Nestroots


8. Floral Tea/Coffee Set From Quaint Spaces

It's time you bid adieu to those unpleasant mugs, bowls and trays that don't even match and make space for these beautiful floral ceramic tea/coffee set. With six ceramic mugs, two small square bowls and a tray, this set not only is a perfect set you've been looking for but also the answer to all your prayers to deck-up your kitchen with taste and style. 


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Quaint Spaces

Image Courtesy:


9. Spice Serve-ware Box With Dhokra Art From Olha-O

A much-needed addition to your daily kitchenware and a handmade solution to all your problems that are spicing-up by the day. This spice serve-ware box is not only a practical product but also a good looking remedy for the hundred boxes that are decking up your kitchen like a fish-market. Specially designed for open-kitchens, the intricate design on the box will definitely look good kept on your kitchen slaps. 


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Image Courtesy: Olha-O


10. Tea Jar From Ishatvam

When the tales of Kings, their courts, the flowers and enchanted animals make their way through Indian folklores and onto the most used kitchenware, the result is divine. This tea jar from Ishatvam is made out of pure wood and it's a practical product that would not only spruce up your kitchen but also provide a mystic haven for the most loved ingredient of every Indian household... the tea leaves. 


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Image Courtesy: Ishatvam


Stop waiting for festive seasons to spruce up your kitchen. Your intentions to do so should be a good enough reason to start shopping for kitchen decor items that your kitchen really needs. 


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