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Why Sit & Eat When You Can Fly & Dine - Experience Culinary Adventure At Fly Dining Noida

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read


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Aesthetically Blissful & Practically Thrilling

Ever heard of something that's thrilling and soothing, both at the same once? Well, we can bet you've not! And not many things in life can induce something similar to this. In our own naughty neighbourhood, Noida, there has something similar popped up! And to not stretch the curiosities any further, let's just say it's an experience you would not have imagined in your life. Presenting the Fly Dining Noida, an out of the world gastronomic experience that's not for the faint-hearted!


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Imagine yourself suspended in the air, at about 160ft above the ground and having some heavenly food with your loved ones, when a cool breeze is singing out loud in your ears and you can feel the sky above much closer and the world beneath you. The surrealism can only be felt and cannot be described in words. So let all your senses break free of vertigo and feel freedom like never before. 

So spread your wings and fly near to the horizon, when the entire world around seems just a hand away from your reach. 


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Your Safety Is The Utmost Priority

Your safety is the foremost priority at the Fly Dining Noida. From the suspended platform to the chairs and the crane used, everything is scrutinised carefully under the German quality standards & guidelines before deployment. The hanging mechanism is built to hold eight times the weight of this entire platform and even when a single steel cable can hold the whole structure,  they've used eight! Designed by an expert panel of structural engineers and those who possess well-rooted expertise in the sky dining concept, you can stay rest assured about all your mid-air fears and apprehensions about your safety. 


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Visual & Gastronomic Delights

The platform has a capacity for 24 guests at once, along with 6 staff members to make your dining experience more pleasurable. Coming to the menu, the Fly Dining Noida Menu offers a palette of culinary marvels to the guests. With dishes by extremely talented master chefs from all across the nation, the Fly Dining Noida is a complete gastronomic adventure for the food lovers among. Many say that it's a bucket list element for you if you like trying drool-worthy flavours and a pinch of thrill on your plate. 


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A Backdrop You Won't Find Anywhere Else

The beautiful photo ops you get once up there, make for some of the many reasons to be here at least once in your life. When you post a Fly Dining Noida Video on your social media handles, you're sure to garner a fandom you never had. Keep it a secret or share it out loud, you are in for a great time, that's guaranteed. 


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Important Details

Fly Dining Noida Prices: 2999 for evening & 1999 for late night reservations.

Fly Dining Noida Address: Fly Dining, Gardens Galeria Mall, Noida (Direction)

Fly Dining Noida Link: Click Here




Q. From where can I book tickets for Fly Dining Noida?

A. Fly Dining Noida tickets can be obtained from either of these places or


Q. Is there any age restriction in Fly Dining Noida?

A. Yes, there is an age restriction applied to all Fly Dining guests, i.e., they should be 13 years or above in age to experience this. Also, those guests below 18 years age are to be accompanied by adults or should obtain a letter of consent from their legal guardians to be so. 


Q. What if I am suffering from chronic neck pain or back pain, is it still advisable for me to experience Fly Dining? 

A. Sky Dining is restricted for those with such medical conditions, or for those who suffer from critical heart conditions or pregnant women. The Fly Dining authorities reserve the right to refuse admission for such individuals without any refund being offered. 


Q. I am a physically disabled person, can I experience the Fly Dining Noida?

A. Yes, Fly Dining Noida offers wheelchair assistance to such people. But would require a latest report on the current disability state of yours. Only after examining various parameters that make sure it will be safe enough for you, can you be allowed to enter the platform.    


Q. What would my Fly Dining Noida Ticket cover, will there be additional charges for Food & Beverages?

A. No, there won't be any additional charges levied for food or beverages, your ticket covers a right to admission to the Fly Dining Platform and a complete meal that is pre-selected. 


Q. How many people can a single table accommodate? Can I take my family of four along?

A. Yes, you can take an entire family of four to the Fly Dining, subject to slot availability in the platform you choose. And the number of seats available in a slot is 24, along with a staff of 6 to accommodate hospitality.


Q. For how long a slot last?

A. A Fly Dining Session would last for about 30 minutes to an hour. 


Q. What if it rains hard before the session, or during the session?

A. In such situations, the Fly dining can be postponed for a few minutes or can be moved to an indoor restaurant on the premises with the same selection of food. The Fly Dining Authorities also reserve the right to cancel reservations in such scenario without any refund paid.  


Q. What if I need to use the restroom when in the sky?

A. It is advisable that you use the restroom before Fly Dining session begins, however, in case of an emergency, the platform can be lowered to the ground. It is not appreciated by the authorities as all the other guests would have to wait for you to get the platform suspended again. 


Q. What if I am late for the session, can I still continue for it?

A. Late admissions would not be entertained at the Fly Dining Noida. Such requests would be declined without any refund offered. 


Q. What if the session is cancelled due to a natural disaster?

A. If the Fly Dining session is cancelled due to an emergency or a natural disaster, then the authorities shall postpone the session or will provide full refund to the booking amount. For more accurate information, please read the updated refund policy & the T&Cs on the website.


Q. What if I change my mind about the food, can I change my choice of selection?

A. No, all meals are pre-cooked as per your selection and no change requests can be entertained afterwards. Therefore, please make sure that you go through the menu carefully before making a choice. 


Q. Can I make special requests for music and other things?

A. Yes, we do take special orders and requests for songs and other things for special occasions. However, the nature of which can make it chargeable or free of cost 


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