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Your WFH Focus Kit: Leaf Wireless Headphones (That's All!)

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 18, 2020 1 min read

As a significant chunk of the working population across the globe gears up for the upcoming work from home days, new strategies for ignoring interruptions, and focusing on the tasks at hand begin to get formulated. Some resort to locking their door, while others put their phone on Do Not Disturb. 



Well, we are here with a strategy that has been working brilliantly for us, the last couple of days. While our expectations remained at bare minimum when we first took a glance at this product, the steady incline in our productivity speaks a different tale altogether!




Leaf Beast Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones


Image Courtesy - Leaf Studios


About The Product


These powerful set of headphones, with a rich deep bass sound, and long-lasting battery life, have been our go-to solution to block out family demands, the neighbour’s loud music, and every other interruption inherent in the work from home life. 


What It Costs 


INR 2,899 



Why You Should Buy It 


  • Rich and impactful bass at a budget-friendly price 

  • Battery backup that lasts for about….30 hours! 

  • Effective noise cancellation (more of “you asked for me mom? I was in a conference call”)

  • Compact earbuds with soft-touch leather cushion for long periods of use

  • Resizable headband, and easy control access

  • 1-year warranty assurance 


Still wondering if you should buy these headphones? Well, if you manage to get this quality of bass, at such a price elsewhere, please loop us in! 


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