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12 Ways To Work Linen Into Your Wardrobe

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 30, 2020 7 min read

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt your idea of a fun summer involves sweat-heavy clothes and feeling like you're on the verge of a heat stroke, all day long. Whether it's the dry heat beating down your head or humidity interfering with your ability to breathe, wearing certain fabrics like polyester or nylon, usually ends up aggravating the discomfort during hotter months. I mean sure, you can rock a chic flannel outfit in the peak of summer, but a couple of hours into the day, you're gonna wish you'd opted for something more breathable. 

Something like linen. The unsung hero of hot-weather-friendly fabrics, linen not only feels pleasant against the skin, but also lets it breathe by quickly absorbing moisture and leaving a refreshing coolness in the wake. So, it goes without saying, that if you asked us to recommend a particular fabric you should stock up on for all the balmy days ahead, linen would emerge as a solid winner. Love the idea, but don't know how to go about it? Here are 12 ways you can work linen into your closet! 


1. A Linen Tunic Dress

You know, all of us have been there. Days when you want to look like you dressed up, but also wish to be comfortable enough to spend the better part of your day in an office chair. I think we've already established that linen is one of the comfiest, lightest fabrics to don during this time of the year. So a linen tunic dress that lets you go from drab to fab by throwing together a few accessories, or a great pair of shoes, is a must-have! You can play up the silhouette, or opt for a quirky print! 


Image Courtesy - Cyrillus


2. A Linen White Shirt With Mandarin Collar

Every woman must have a classic white shirt she can blindly fall back on, and that's common knowledge. But a linen white shirt is a piece we guarantee you won't regret investing in. For starters, it's immensely versatile, easily becoming the centrepiece of a casual blue denim and white shirt outfit on one day, and bringing together an easygoing formal look on another. But the advantage of a linen white shirt is that it will be super-lightweight and fresh, especially on days humid enough to leave sweat stains on a shirt made of another material! Go for a mandarin collar to further expand your styling choices, and perhaps some dainty detail like the loop buttons in this one.  


Image Courtesy - CAMIXA


3. Striped Linen Wrap Top 

Personally, wrap tops have got to be one of my absolute favourite trends, simply because of how flattering they are on practically everybody. Throw linen into the mix, and I'm sold! Seriously, this striped linen wrap top is like a breezy summer dream, as comfortable as it is elegant. It will help you stay cool, and by pairing it with a pair of white trousers and some gold hoops, you'll look like you just got off the runway. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


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4. Linen Co-Ords 

Help me, I've fallen in love and I can't get up. Co-ords have been all the rage lately, and we've seen some stunning ones varying in length, cut, fabric, silhouette and sleeve type. But this one meets the point between trend and comfort so perfectly, I doubt I will go for any other kind. I think a linen co-ord set like the one below, would make for a perfect hot-day work outfit that looks uber-graceful and classy. Style with a few minimalistic gold accessories like a dainty necklace and some bracelets, and you're literally and figuratively golden! 


Image Courtesy - Asos


5. Linen Paper Bag Shorts 

If you have trouble resisting a great pair of shorts the way I do, then trust me and get yourself some paper bag shorts in linen. The cinched waist and free-flowing body of the shorts make it an extremely flattering summer piece to hold on to, perfect for a casual coffee date outfit. And obviously the fabric of linen takes the comfort factor of this silhouette several notches up! I especially like the olive green colour in the pair below, because of how versatile it can be when pairing with a top.  


Image Courtesy - new2youlx


6. Linen Cropped Culottes

The thing about culottes is, that the silhouette in itself is all about being flowy, comfy and effortlessly stylish. So a pair made of linen is only going to be a total delight to wear during the hotter months of the calendar. We'd recommend you get a pair of cropped culottes to add a contemporary fashion appeal to any top you pair it with. Look for one in a colour like steel grey, black or beige so it can be easily dressed up or down depending on your mood! 


Image Courtesy - Lyst 



7. An Over-Sized Striped Linen Blazer

I honestly think that a polished blazer and a pair of high-heeled stilettos can skyrocket a woman's confidence the way only Vodka can! So imagine when you get your hands on a gorgeous power-blazer, made of a fabric as comfortable and pleasant as linen. We particularly love the understated yet eye-catchy stripes in cream, featured on this oversized number from GAP. 


Image Courtesy - GAP


8. Linen Midi Skirt 

Take my word for it, this skirt will soon become your most relied upon option to effortlessly doll up for work, a brunch with the girls, or even a lunch date with your beau! You can pick one in a solid plain colour, or perhaps a pleated linen midi, but for us, the front button detailing of this gorgeous skirt was totally sublime! My fav bit about this skirt has got to be how comfortable it LOOKS, so just imagine how it would feel like to twirl in it! 


Image Courtesy - Shop Henly

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9. A Linen Tank

Think of a solid linen tank as one of those multifaceted basics in your closet, that you can either pair with another fashion item or wear unaccompanied just as easily. From wide-leg trousers to a pair of boyfriend jeans to a flowy maxi skirt, this tank will look super-chic as a solitary top. can opt for a more glamourous outerwear choice, like an embellished jacket or a printed shirt! 


Image Courtesy - H&M 


10. Linen Joggers 

Love, love, love. Seriously, I love this. These tan linen joggers look so effortlessly stunning, a double-take by those around you is guaranteed! I know we've been going on and on about the comfort factor in the fabric of linen, but just look at these joggers! Don't they look cosy, soft and snug?


Image Courtesy - L'abeye


11. A Linen Saree 

You know what I think? I think ethnic clothes get an unnecessarily bad rep of being hassle-ridden and uncomfortable to don as everyday wear. Trust me, if you get yourself the right piece in the right fabric, a saree can be just as easy-going and unconstrained as a midi skirt or a pair of trousers. Case in point? This beautiful, vibrant linen saree from The Loom. Heart eye emoji. 


Image Courtesy - The Loom


12. Linen Long Kurti 

Talking about breezy ethnic-wear, we cannot give a dainty linen kurti a miss. With a host of options, silhouettes, colours and kurta cuts to choose from, take your pick and get a reliable linen Kurti into your hot-weather closet. We'd suggest choosing one with a cut flattering to your body type, and some interesting details to play up the fashion piece. Like this beautiful seaweed linen Kurti with yellow tassels, and an asymmetrical hem by The Loom. 


Image Courtesy - The Loom

If it were up to me, I'd live my life in linen. Wait, it IS up to me. Time for some shopping, I guess! 


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