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Introducing magicPay: Instant Cashback In A Single Click

By magicpin

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

We know you love cashbacks and magicpin is all about giving cashbacks!


All you need is your phone to start with the most rewarding app and indulge in a fruitful journey filled with exciting vouchers and tremendous cashbacks on your favorite outlets. Your contribution makes a difference, hence we love rewarding you for every transaction you make on magicpin. Similarly, the success of Group-Buy also speaks volumes about our commitment and excitement to deliver our users with the best features to give rewards. The feedback says it all…



It’s time to show some love again, we proudly announce the launch of “magicPay”

What is magicPay?


Pay at any outlet directly using magicPay with your magicpin points and get instant cashback without the hassle of uploading pictures.


No, this time we’re not asking you to upload your bill and a selfie nor are we asking you to wait for your transactions to get approved to get cashbacks. Running out of cash will never be a problem again as it’s time to put your magicpin wallet to use for more than just purchasing vouchers and getting recharges done.

No hustle, no more waiting, just use your points from your magicpin wallet and get rewarded for doing so. Unlike your normal transactions which require bills, with magicPay all you do is pay for your transaction to claim the cashback. The cashback is directly credited to your magicpin wallet instantly. You can also add money to your magicpin wallet through a debit/credit card when running low on cash or on magicpin points while making a transaction.



Open the app and click on the "Claim" icon to find the partnered outlet you need to make a payment at.

1. Find the partnered outlet which shows the option - "magicPay available"

2. You'll come across two options to get a cashback either by "Click Selfie/Bill" or magicPAY (Instant Cashback)". Click on the second option.

3. Enter the bill amount and click on "PROCEED TO PAY" to complete the transaction.

4. Please show the screen to the staff present after a successful payment and enjoy your Instant Cashback!



As simple as that, earn magicpin points and utilize them in the best way possible.



1. Let the outlet know your mode of payment before making a payment

2. When short of magicpin points you can complete the payment through your credit/debit card to get more points while making a transaction.


It’s “YOU” whose contribution matters the most for magicpin to grow each day. In the spirit of sharing, we want to give back to our community with magicPay. Our mission behind it is to make a user’s experience more magical each time by giving them a well-built rewarding program offering cashbacks in the simplest way possible. Building “magicPay” has been an exciting journey, full of ups and downs and covering a milestone with success. We understood the expectations and stood in your shoes to know what makes your journey more exciting. It’s time to enjoy overwhelming rewards in the shape of “Instant Cashbacks In A Single Click”.


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Q: How does one earn magicpin points to start with?

A: Visit an outlet, make a purchase then click a selfie at the outlet. Upload the selfie and along with your merchant bill on the magicpin app to get cashback which will be credited to your magicpin wallet.


Q: Is uploading a selfie and a bill essential while paying through magicPay?

A: No, you would only magicPay to pay your bills.


Q: What are the other advantages of magicpin points?

A: You can use your magicpin wallet for the following benefits:

1. Purchase Group-Buy Vouchers

2. Purchase Discounted Vouchers On Your Favorite Outlets across categories like Spas, Salons, Cafes, and Restaurant.

3. Recharges 



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