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Here Are 7 Ways You Can Recreate Delightful Modaks In Your Kitchen

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Aug. 21, 2020 4 min read

Modaks are said to be Lord Ganesha's preferred offering, which we get in abundance as soon as Ganesh Chaturthi rolls around the corner. And let me tell you it's neither a coincidence nor random. There are several stories in our Hindu mythology which takes us back to the reasons behind this eternal love of Modaks & Lord Ganesha. And in the conclusion of one such story, Modaks were the only food item that could satisfy little God's appetite, thus making it an underlined sweet of the festival. 

A bite-size bliss filled with coconut and jaggery that goes into the mouth...then straight to the heart.. is one such loose description of everyone's beloved Indian sweet; Modak. And I won't be exaggerating when I say it's God's favourite food because as we all know now... it is! 



Care to make this interesting? Here are 7 new recipes that would give your good ol' Modaks a modern twist. Also, they're super easy and totally worth it. 


1. Chocolate Modaks

There is nothing in this world that couldn't taste better with a bit of chocolate. Now imagine the level of flavours that you and you're family are going to live-up when these sweet Modaks will be made out of...chocolate? Yes, I sense your excitement and it is only natural that you can't wait to check out this chocolate Modak recipe which.. if truth be told, are full of Nutella and coconut. Whaaa...? 


How To Make Chocolate Modaks

Chocolate Modak

Image Courtesy: Aarti Madan


2. Milk Powder Modaks

Modaks are primarily the sweet-sweet result of rice flour made tasty with coconut-jaggery filling but this recipe right here is a simpler version of the original one and it will taste just as good. Besides these Milk-Powder Modaks are mad easy to make and if you're away from your folks on Ganesh Chaturthi due to this pandemic (ughhh..I know), these Modaks will guide you home. 


How To Make Milk Powder (Mawa) Modaks

Milk Powder Modak

Image Courtesy: Your everyday cook


3. Chatpate Modak

If you prefer savoury over sweet like me, make Chatpate Modaks your thing this year. This recipe is an off-beat melodic twist brought to life by using ingredients such as sweet potato, chopped vegetables and zesty seasonings. Serve these Modaks as a snack or appetizers at the celebration and be the talk of the town for another year. 


How To Make Chatpate Modaks

Chatpate Modak

Image Courtesy: YouTube


4. Baked Modaks

Traditional recipe with a healthy twist is a blessing not just on our lives but on our vigour as well. Baked Modaks are a bit tricky to make but the outcome will be tasty and worth every finger you lifted while cooking. The underpinnings of this recipe are crisp (Yes, these Modaks will be as crispy as they make them) and clear but there's more... This video also explains an easy way to carve these dumplings into the shape of a traditional Modaks without using a mould. You're welcome!


How To Make Baked Modaks

Baked Modaks

Image Courtesy: ScoopWhoop


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5. Paan Modaks

Paan... what now? Yes, your eyes aren't watery enough to read this wrong. Paan Modak is a real thing and that too a very flavourful one. This unique and refreshing avatar of Modaks is not only appetizing to look at but tastes amazing, just like paan. The filling of dry fruits and Gulkand alone make the case but the outer layer made out of paan leaves and grated coconut is no less. Try this recipe at home and!


How To Make Paan Modaks

Paan Modak

Image Courtesy: momsmagic tastyfood


6. Besan Modaks

You know you'll love Besan Modaks when you're already head-over-heels about Besan Ladoos. And for those who aren't a fan, Besan Modaks might be able to shake your feelings. Having said that...this specific recipe is quite easy in the kitchen and a completely fulfilling delicacy for the festival. Apply a coat of powdered sugar and serve, I bet these will be over before Ganesh Chaturthi's final day celebration. 


How To Make Besan Modaks

Besan Modaks

Image Courtesy: YouTube


7. Chocolate Modaks With 4 Different Fillings

I know, I know.. we've covered Chocolate Modaks in the beginning but this one comes with not one.. but 4 new fillings that are quite convincing for my taste buds. The first one is Chocolate Trifle & Almond filling, then comes the Coconut Rose filling, Paan filling and finally... Motichoor filling. Each one is better than the previous one. Choose the one you like and serve with love. 


How To Make Chocolate Modaks With 4 Different Fillings

Chocolate Modak

Image Courtesy: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong


Celebrate this year's Ganesh Chaturthi with lots & lots of love, enthusiasm and also... Modaks. Happy eating!


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