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Looking For Navratri Spl. Thalis & Snacks In Jaipur? Here Are 6 Places You Can Go To

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 23, 2020 5 min read

Days of auspiciousness are here and I don't know about you but I can use some festive vibes and positivity around me. However, I am more thankful for the wide array of delectable flavours and mouth-watering dishes associated with these celebrations. Well, speaking of which, the festival of Navratri is here too and it is being celebrated around the country with max enthusiasm especially in the pink city. While every apparel store is brimming with colourful costumes and other ethnic wear options, the restaurants in Jaipur are all set to create the best Vrat special food in their kitchens. 


Now, you are not new to the concept of selective eating while fasting but what you don't know is where to look for these heart-warming food items in your city. So, this is where I come in...Here's a list of 6 places serving drool-worthy Navratri special thalis and snacks in Jaipur. You're welcome. 



Image Courtesy: Dineout


For years Sagar Ratna has been serving goodness and purity in the form of scrummy food to their customers all around the country and Jaipur. And now they've prepared some unforgettable Navratri special treats in their own unique style that will make you even happier. So first on the menu are two variations of Vrat thalis; Navratri Executive Thali and Navratri Deluxe Thali. Both equally good and filling. The former is a culmination of Shahi Paneer, Aloo Tamatar, Samak Pulao, Kuttu Puris, Kheera Raita and Sabudana Papad while the latter has two additional items; a "veg dish of the day" and Sabudana Kheer. However, there's more. These people are also serving Navratri special starters such as Samak Idli, Aloo Chaat, Falahari Idli Chaat along with tantalising Dosa meals. So, what are you waiting for? Try before it's all over.



Navratri Thalis starting @ INR 290 to INR 300


Image Courtesy: What's Up Life


A newbie in town is a symphony of Falahar as an ingredient and every item on their menu reeks of good taste and traditional vibes. Among other Vrat special snacks such as Sabudana Dahi Vada, Makhania Lassi, Falahari Dahi Raita, Mixed Fruit Chaat, etc. lies 4 different thalis, each better than the last one. The most recommended and smallest one is called Mini Thali, then comes the Prince Thali, Deluxe Thali and finally the showstopper; Shahi Thali. And if I may walk you through the dishes being served in the last and the grandest one, you'd feel full already. But here we go... this thali contains Subudana Kheer, Singhada Halwa, Aloo Curry, Paneer Veg, Dhania Chutney, Sabudana Khichdi, Puri, Dahi Raita, Aloo Chips, Fruit Chaat and Salad. I know right. The place is as affordable as it gets and I think you'd love it here. 



Navratri Thali starting @ INR 160 to INR 300


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You'd know Faasos on the back of your hand by now but did you know they are also serving delicious Navratri special appetizer that would cost you a lot less than any other meal this season? Well, to start with there's a Sabudana Khichdi & Curd Meal. Then they have Sabudana Khichdi Bowl, Singhada Aloo Paratha and a vrat-special curd bowl. And don't worry there's an option to get all of this home-delivered as well. Happy fasting guys!



Navratri Snacks starting @ INR 100 only


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The place is packing tonnes of delicious food and thali in their menu but I am going to direct the one we are here for; Falahari Bhog. Trust me when I say this, it's like a feast for one which I think is at least a two man's job and everything tastes excellent. Allow me to spell it out for you; the Falahari Bhog is a unique amalgamation of Navratri special food items like Aloo Fries, Sabudana Vada, Paneer Sabzi, Aloo Sabzi, Dahi Vada, Kuttu Puris, Sabudana Khichdi, Chaach and for dessert... Shrikhand. Not only it's easy on the pocket but quite filling and of course full of flavours. 



Navratri Thali @ INR 221


Image Courtesy: World Wisdom News


Available in both the outlets in Jaipur, The Bowl Showl is really making Navratri 2020 festive and comforting by serving Vrat special thali with proper sanitization. Effectively priced, this thali contains 4 Kuttu Puris, Aloo Sabzi, Anaar Raita, Aloo Chips and Sabudana Khichdi. Not only the quality of every item on the list is top-notch but the quantity is very filling and satisfactory. You can either pay a visit to their restaurant or get it home delivered. However you choose to devour their treat, my advice... just enjoy!



Navratri Thali @ INR 180 only


Image Courtesy: The Veggie Indian


How about a Navratri special meal where every item costs less than 100 bucks? Did I hear a YES? Okay. Now that you're in, Teaster is open for Vrat Ka Khana you'd definitely love. There's fruit salad, fruit cream, Kuttu Puri+Aloo Raita, Kuttu Puri+Jeera Aloo, Sabudana Khichdi, Sawnke Khichdi and Shrikhand on their menu. The options sell themselves, don't they? Hope you'll have a good time here and enjoy every ounce of these Navratri delicacies in Jaipur. 



Navratri Meals @ INR 100 


Now, I really admire how every Indian celebration is incomplete without heavenly signature dishes and when it's Navratri you can't possibly go without tasting one of the best food cooked during the year. So, take your pick and head to these awesome places for Navratri Special Thalis and Snacks in Jaipur. You'd thank us later!



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