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10 New Year Beauty Resolutions Worth Making and Keeping in 2020

By Anubha Das

Updated - Dec. 24, 2019 4 min read


New Year-New You! That's what everyone must be thinking about these days with New Year right around the corner. With New Year, comes New Year Resolutions. It's quite obvious that you be hitting the gym and accompanying it by eating a lot of leafy greens to tame the bulge but being a woman you should also be more sensitive and attentive about your skincare and beauty routine. To make it simple, we bring to you 10 most essential beauty resolutions that you must follow in 2020.


1. Remove Your Make-Up

Everyone loves to put makeup and it is a huge task that has to be done properly. Many forget to remove their makeup which is as important as taking care of your skin in any other way. This New Year makes it a habit to remove your makeup every night before going to sleep. Your skin will thank

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2. Stop Using Face Wipes

The world is rushing so that you! Which brings short term efforts and dependency on quick results. We've seen people depending upon the face wipes more than they should. It is super important to take care of your skin and face by cleaning it but sometimes all you need is a good cleanser and water rather than simply using Face Wipesnew-year-beauty-resolutions-image

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3. Do Not Forget To Use SPF

If you decide to have only one beauty resolution this year then it should be to use an SPF sunscreen every day. People usually forget to apply sunscreen during winters and due to which they are not protected from the harmful UV rays which leads to the premature signs of aging. So moving forward do not forget to use SPF. new-year-beauty-resolutions-image

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4. Get Familiar With Your Skin

You got to understand your skin before you choose your beauty products. There are products that are especially available for a specific type of skin, be it oily, dry, sensitive and so on. Make sure you know your skin type and tone very well before going for any product. That would help you to be protected from the side effects these products bring

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5. Exfoliate Regularly

We are often so focused on our face that we sometimes forget that the skin needs proper care too. This new year 2020 makes it a most important resolution to not neglect the skin and show your body the same love as you show your face by exfoliating it on a regular note. It doesn't matter whether you have a sensitive, dry or oily skin type, you do need to exfoliate when it calls. new-year-beauty-resolutions-image

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6. Use A Body Brush

Using a body brush is important! As the tip always brushes towards the center of the body it helps to shed dead skin cells which would result in you having smooth and bright skin. Make it your beauty resolution too because using a body brush also helps in exfoliating your skin. new-year-beauty-resolutions-image

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7. Stop Switching Products So Often

We have seen the millennial people switching the beauty products very often which is not a good practice though. Your skin is very sensitive and using different products of different brands have different kinds of cosmetic effects on them. To be safe from any kind of side effect on your skin try to use products of one brand which suits your skin type

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8. Always Be Hydrated

One of the best beauty tips is to drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Being hydrated makes tour skin look fresh because a dull skin won't go away even with a maximum highlighter. This is a great habit for not also beauty related problems but all the problems in

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9. Clean Your Makeup Brushes Weekly

Make sure to clean your makeup brushed weekly to make your makeup kit clean and more hygienic in nature. While cleaning the brushes you also get to know about the damages ones.


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10. Sleep Tight Every Night

You may as of now have this goal on your list, and having a good night sleep is important from the beauty perspective too. Getting an entire night of rest doesn't simply anticipate raccoon eyes, it is likewise the time when your skin

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Before we say our final goodbyes to 2019 and usher in 2020, here are all the beauty resolutions that one needs to make, keep and repeat to have healthy skin. Happy New Year in advance!


Q: What are some funny New Year resolutions?

A: Learn a new party trick, go out for a healthy diet, start saving money and go on a trip every month, and so on.


Q: Which one is correct - New Year's resolution or New Year resolution?

A: New Year’s resolution more correct in nature. 




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