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5 Seriously Hatke Shopping Experiences In Delhi NCR

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 24, 2020 3 min read

Delhi never fails to surprise us with quaint, hole-in-the-wall cafes, off-menu snack streets, unknown marketplaces with unique, but inexpensive finds... The list goes on and on. But did you know that it's also home to some seriously hatke fashion finds? 

If like me, your style statement leans more towards quirky and unconventional than classic, you're at the right place. I went on the prowl and discovered some hidden gems for offbeat fashion. From sustainable clothing to customisable leather bags, handcrafted knick-knacks, unusual accessories, wooden pins, these places have them all. I recommend them wholeheartedly.  


Are you ready to find out more?


I remember how my mother used to make pretty frocks and dresses for me out of her discarded sarees when I was little, and I'm sure yours did too, at some time or another. Well, what can I say, recycling is in our blood and Doodlage is one such venture that makes the most of this heritage. At the heart of the brand is the idea of re-creating what's been disregarded by the fashion community. This includes stitching and post stitching waste, misprints and defected fabrics. Their experience centre is in Lado Sarai where all the magic takes place. Doodlage's collections consist of exclusive shirts, tunics, dresses, tops, bags, wallets, stationery, and what have you, all made out of, well, waste. The items on the list are a bit pricey but hey, but worth it for being able to shop, guilt-free!


I think of Tatsat as this wonderfully strange place that has everything I could possibly need and more! Like what, you ask? Chunky jewellery, bags, clutches, sarees, stolls, organic soaps and cosmetics, home decor items such as lamps, frames, pillowcases, wall hangings, handicraft gift items, *Catching my breath after a long list* and other quirky knick-knacks. But how is it off-beat? Well, every item in this store comes from Fair Trade Organisations, workshops of slum women, special NGO's, and lots of love. Tatsat dwells on the busy roads of Green Park, which is quite close to the metro station as well so you better bookmark this place right away.


We all have people in our lives who you can define with a word, phrase or a doodle. What if there was a way to gift them exactly that? Confused? Say It With A Pin is a unique store in Chattarpur that sells pins made of wood & enamel. They have a creative team of in-house artists and designers who curate quirky emblems of food, wordplays, phrases & more. You can also find cutesy earrings of a similar whacky sense of humour and material. The cost of a single pin starts from INR 400. Little out-of-pocket but trust me it's worth it. 


*Kia-Ro-Skuro* Does this help with the pronunciation? Okay! Moving on...The store is an ultimate state-of-the-art destination for all leather geeks, especially the ones obsessed with bags. This place is full of endless varieties of patterns, colours, and styles of leathers which will eventually be used to make new bags on order. You even have the option to ask for customisations on existing designs to make them exclusively yours.  Do you know what this means? Seamless pockets, quirky painting situations, extra zips and more... Wait, there's more, every delivered bag has a polaroid picture of the person who made the bag. Isn't that freaking cool? One thing to note: They do not entertain walk-in shoppers, so make an appointment before you go. 


Pins & Bows

....And more. Here's a novelty store in town with what I think is the prettiest collection of hairpins, bows, bow ties, and a plethora of unusual hair accessories, scarves and hats including delightful flower hats which, I assure you, are not easy to find in Delhi. If I could, I'd stick bows on everything I own, so seeing wall after wall in this store dedicated to bows was like a dream come true for me! And if this wasn't enough, there is a little workshop at the back of the store where you can get your buys customized. I don't know how it can get better than this, really. 


Ready to shop? I most certainly am!



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