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16 People Who We Need To Tie A Rakhi Because Life Can't Be Imagined Without Them

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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There are two kinds of people- one that you feel blessed to have in your life and the other you wish Thanos' snap would obliterate. The efforts of the former in making your world a better place, one udhaar ki cigarette at a time, needs to be recognized. Here are the people we should tie a rakhi kyunki Bhai hai tu apna yaar.


1. Our Superheroes Who Live For The Nation & Die For The Nation

Our Raksha Bandhan celebrations are incomplete without sending best wishes to Indian soldiers because before anyone else they are the ones who deserve these wishes the most. We may not tie Rakhi to you but despite that, without any fail, during good or bad, from day and night, in health and in sickness, each and every day of your life, you have surrendered it to the protection of your countrymen. You are always standing like a strong shield protecting us from our enemies and keeping us safe. We wish you good health and eternal happiness on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.



2. The Security Guard Who Receives My Packages During My Absence

They also need to be thanked for remembering our names when the courier personnel questions "Sanjay Gowda ka parcel hai, Idhar kaam karta hai ye?"



3. That Delivery Boy Who Delivers My Food In Under 30 Minutes And It's Still Warm

Guess who gets a huge tip? He's is my actual AnnaData - Maai Baap can say!




4. Magicpin Rooftop Cafe Wale Bhaiya For Taking Advantage of His Super Annoying Cooking Power!

The only person who saves us from the hunger strike instantly when nothing comes quickly to rescue us. 


Now let's talk about the amount of Black Money he claims to have? Let me have those calculations in the comment section below.

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5. Kirana Dukan Waley For Letting Us Buy Everything On Loan, Always!

The debt is so huge if they recount, is enough to bankrupt even Warren Buffett.



6. Chai Ki Tapri Wale Bhaiya For Allowing Us To Borrow That Extra Annoying Cigarette

Hann Haan Thik Hai! Salary aate he de dunga! Chal ek Advance aur de and bata ye Tapri kitne ki bechega? 

Bhai eske din ka 15-20 Hazar ka galla to banta hoga na! Fir bhi rota rehta hai 1-1 Cigarette ko! 



7. Golgappe Wale Bhaiya For Giving Us An Extra Piece With The Mint & Tamarind Chutney

That extra piece makes us reach a crescendo in the symphony that this culinary genius has been playing in our mouths for the past five minutes.



8. Cab Waley Bhaiya For Cancelling Other Rides Just Because We Are In A Rush

They will also help you get the Fast & The Furious experience in real life. You just need to say the magic words- "Bhaiya late ho raha hai, thoda jaldi chalo 10 baje punch krna hai!"



9. Sabzi Mandi Wale For Helping Us Pick The Freshest And Best Vegetables So That Our Mothers Don't Judge Us

A rotten tomato can get you a whole day's worth of taana and unending bouts of "jab hum tumhari umar ke they..."



10. Music Store Owners For Letting Us Try Their Guitars For The Umpteenth Time Even When We Don’t Really Know How To Play & Won’t Ever Buy It!

You, sir, deserve a minute-long solo for which you might wanna plug your ears.



11. That Colleague Who Always Lends You The Charger

A rare find, that will keep the spark alive, always. Viraj!? Han lele... mera charge hai...



12. That rare species of a friend who says “5 minutes mein aa raha hu” and he actually does reach on time

The chances of having such a friend are one in a million, but if you do have one, congratulations! The quality of your life just increased by cent percent.



13. Dudh Wale Bhaiya For Clanking His Milk Jars & Banging The Door Like It’s The End of The World

Our very own alarm clock that doesn't comes with a snooze button.



14. Our Housemaid For Making The Life Simpler By Packing Regular Office Ka Dabba

The only divine thing she can do is packing our "Lunch ka Dabba" just to blanket her sinfully cooked food. 



15. That Selfless Friend Who Always Allow You To Take His Bike For No Shitty Reason

Although, he never knew that the owner has been receiving those "Challan" messages but never ever highlighted the same expect the very next person he's living with.



16. And Finally To The Friend For Being My Home Away From Home

Living in Hell wouldn't be possible without you buddies! Cheers to Love - Life & Laughter.