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10 Places In Jaipur We Can't Wait To Revisit After The Lockdown

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 6, 2020 5 min read

There's no denying the magic in the air enveloping the Pink City of India, even during times you can't witness it in person.


The lockdown might have all of us physically restricted to our bedrooms, but our mind remains free to wander where it so pleases. And if fondly reminiscing about all the gorgeous spots scattered across Jaipur city is what helps you preserve your remaining ounce of sanity, well, who are we to judge? What we would like to do, instead, is chart out your journey to your favourite places in Jaipur, for you. In other, more concise words, here's a list of the 10 best places in Jaipur we can't wait to revisit once this lockdown ends. 



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One of the most quaint spots in Jaipur city, Stepout Cafe doubles up as a hostel for travellers, as well as a cosy cafe inviting guests from all walks of life to have a scrumptious quick meal. Not only do we miss their menu full of delightful offerings that satiate our cravings for both savoury and sweet dishes, but we can't wait for a chance to sit in this cafe's in-house library and browse their quirky collection of books and tabletop magazines over a cup of coffee. 




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One of our go-to spots for a happening weekend party in Jaipur city, we have especially been reminiscing about the up-beat vibe in the place that comes alive during after hours. The thought of the sweeping panoramic views of the Pink city from their mesmerising rooftop seating area makes us want to run back into this remarkable party place in Jaipur. 



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This place truly measures up to its name with regard to the food, ambience, and surroundings. We particularly miss the extensive variety of food that'd greet us the minute we stepped foot in this popular cafe in Jaipur. With rustic wooden decorations adorning the place, the interiors of this cafe are expansive and create the perfect setting to unwind with friends over some quick bites at the end of a hectic weekday. 



Image Courtesy - The Social Lit


This stunning cafe in Jaipur has already attracted the attention and love of a better part of the city population, and we can't wait to get back to it. As the name suggests, this place makes for a laid-back rooftop hangout spot, offering mesmerising views of Jaipur from its charming wooden tables. We are eagerly waiting for a time when we'd be able to re-visit this place, and have a cup of their instantly comforting Cardamom chai. 



Image Courtesy - Taj Inner Circle


One of our cherished favourites in the city for when the mood for a grand feast strikes, The Rajput Room in Rambagh Palace in Jaipur is nothing short of royal. The interiors are absolutely stunning and will have you marvelling in awe for hours, and the multi-cuisine menu offers plenty of delectable dishes to take your pick from. Pro tip? Take a gander at their delish cocktails the next time you visit, and you'd have one more reason to count this in one of the best restaurants in Jaipur city. 



Image Courtesy - Brown Sugar India 


One of the most adored spots in the city for a quick sugar fix, Brown Sugar regularly features as one of the best bakeries in Jaipur, and we can't help but agree wholeheartedly. For us, this crowd-favourite eatery and quick bite stop has been one of those relied upon sources for yummy freshly baked goods, and we can't wait to get back to our weekly Brown Sugar dessert rituals once this lockdown ends. 




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Regularly frequented by a legion of loyal fans in the city, Cafe Bae hands-down takes the spot of one of the best casual dining places in Jaipur.  The restaurant is opulent with chic, classy interiors and the multi-cuisine menu offers a number of enticing preparations that you need to try at least once. Our mind is currently swarming with exciting thoughts of a Sunday brunch with the gang in this crowd-favourite cafe's soothing space. 




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A swanky nightlife spot nestled on Tonk Road, Skyfall has been our favourite venue for numerous celebrations, and happening parties. This is a place that doubles up as both a party spot, as well as a romantic date spot, so once this lock-down ends, you can either head to Skyfall with your friends for a fun Friday night, or visit with your partner for an intimate time for two. Either way, a good time is always on the cards when it's a place like Skyfall. 




Image Courtesy - Zomato 


Fat Lulu's has always undoubtedly been one of the best chains in India for perfect pizza experiences, but there's something especially charming about the Jaipur outlet. The restaurant space is a blend of cutesy and chic, and the relaxed ambience is a reflection of that. The quick friendly service, coupled with the unparalleled taste in their food always keeps us coming back for more, and we can't wait to head back in for a pizza the minute we get the green flag. 





Image Courtesy - Trip Advisor 


Last, but not least by any standards, one place in Jaipur we haven't stopped thinking about is Talk of the Town. While it might not be as fancy, or expansive as some of the other mentions on this list, it does offer some of the most flavoursome budget-friendly food in all of Jaipur city. This unassuming eatery is a hidden gem in Jaipur, and needless to say, we are rushing in for a plate of their Dhaba Chicken the first chance we get. 


Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and hungrier. 

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