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10 Places In Mumbai We Can't Wait To Revisit After The Lockdown

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 3, 2020 4 min read

The quiet lull of life on standby might be comforting to a lot of us, but while I'd ordinarily count myself in, 3 weeks of staying isolated from the world have altered my feelings slightly. There was a time, I'd give anything to get a break, to not have to go to work, or anywhere at all for that matter, and spend my days surrounded by the comforting walls of my house. 


These days, however, I find myself waking up every morning, and mentally striking down another 24 hours till our lives resume. And on the list of things I can't wait to go back to doing, hanging out at my favourite spots in Mumbai city would win by a broad margin. If you, like me, are struggling with the notion of staying patient, and instead, resorting to day-dreaming about the best places in Mumbai, here's a round-up you should bookmark for when the lockdown finally ends. 



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Prithvi Cafe stands its ground as one of the most iconic spots in Mumbai city, and if you've managed to snag a piece of their mouth-watering brunch, or relax in the laid-back ambience this cafe is known for, we're sure you'd agree with our sentiment. Suffice it to say, the minute we are officially allowed to, we are running back to the cosy Prithvi cafe, and feasting on their thin crust pizza. 




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Thoughts of this crowd-favourite casual dining and drinks place in Mumbai have been swarming in our party-hungry heads for a while now. 145 Kala Ghoda's stellar reputation speaks volumes about the quality of their dishes and beverages, and the wide variety in cuisine and cocktails, all priced reasonably, appeal to both your brain and heart at the same time. 



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With an assortment of Social outlets scattered all over the city, we wouldn't be surprised if you chose a different favourite. But Colaba Social has been our go-to spot for the longest time, and there's very little that can alter that. We especially miss their scrumptious finger food offerings that always seamlessly complement their enticing drinks, and the pulsating music that made us want to party instantly! 



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To be entirely honest, we haven't really been the same since our last brunch at this happening place in Mumbai. The casual vibe in the air at this place is always perfect for a chill start to the weekend, especially during month ends when your pockets are particularly lined. Hope we can listen to their rocking playlists, and sip on a cold one in their vibrant atmosphere, soonish!  




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Okay, even if you've never stepped foot in Mumbai city, chances are you've heard of this iconic spot at least once. With a rich history dating back to 1871, this is a place in the city with a personality of its own. The vibrant energy you will be met with regardless of what time you step into this cafe, makes us go into full-fledged 90s nostalgia mode and wishful thinking about a visit in the near future. 



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If you asked us how long its been since we visited our favourite book cafe in Mumbai, the answer will be a loud "too long!". With soothing, amber interiors adorned by mellow lights, and piling heaps of books that look utterly inviting, we can't wait to make our way back to this place and order a steaming cup of coffee to keep us company while we read. 



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This quirky, upbeat spot has to feature somewhere when you're naming the best nightlife places in Mumbai. Walls furnished with bright neon signs, and the accompanying up-tempo classic rock music makes this one of top party spots in Mumbai, and try as we might, there's no being patient about visiting Younion on a Saturday night again. 



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Just the thought of their beer mug is enough to make our mouths (and livers) water uncontrollably. During times of frequent visits, we always looked forward to taking our pick of the day from their impressive collection of fresh brews, and that's the routine we continue to look forward to after this lockdown ends. 




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Our go-to spot for dessert cravings in Mumbai city, Poetry has the perfect soothing vibe for an idyllic Saturday afternoon, spent with a book in one hand, and a cheesecake spoon in another. Their menu will surprise you with more options than you expected, and the quality of food will make you want to come back, as much as we do right this moment. 



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One of the oldest cafes in Mumbai city, Cafe Mondegar is always brimming with an enthusiastic crowd eagerly waiting to get their bite of decadence. A small, unassuming cafe serving simple food packed with mouthwatering taste in every serving, Cafe Mondegar has been our restaurant equivalent to comfort food, and we can't wait to revisit the magic. 

You may now proceed to day-dream. 


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