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Your Post-Holi Survival Guide: March, 2024

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 20243 min read

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Post-Holi blues (pun intended) are inevitable. Sure, as kids, we wore these botched Holi colours as a medal... proof of how much more fun we had. But we're adults now. Getting down and dirty is great until horrors like dirty nails, curly hair, and permanent colour stains on the face, haunt us back.  


But we have good news. You can now rejoice the festival of colours without worrying about the aftermath. Follow our easy post-Holi skin, hair and body-care tips religiously. 


For Post-Holi Body Detox

This colourful festival is deemed incomplete without Holi-special treats. Think gujiya, ras malai, and a chilled glass of thandai. But there is a bitter side to it: Too much sugar (ironic, right?)... and calories, hard to get rid of. Fret not; we have a solution.


1. Replace your meals with fresh juices and detox smoothies. Apples, oranges, kale, beetroot, and bottle guard are some top recommendations.


Image Courtesy: TOI


2. You can also include light preparations like soups and salads in the list. 



For Post-Holi Skincare

Life is a blank canvas, but not your face! So this year, try these helpful skin care tips. 


1. The "ghar ka nuskha"

Straight from our grandmother's personal stash of DIY skincare, the recipe to remove Holi colour stains includes a piece of cotton cloth, lukewarm water and a mixture of curd and lemon juice. Just apply, scrub and rinse. Homemade papaya or Multani Mitti pack can also help. 



2. Only "parlour vali didi can help"

Make your post-Holi skincare regimen unbeatable with cleansing, toning and moisturising. Get a head-to-toe spa treatment by professionals for spotless, supple skin. Turmeric or Multani Mitti pack can do the trick.


Image Courtesy: Allure



3. Clean up well!

You can avoid a complicated skincare routine by investing in top-quality face scrubs and peel-off masks.


For Post-Holi Skin Allergies

Holi colours are not for everyone. If you are susceptible to such skin allergies, we have a few suggestions that will do you good. 


Image Courtesy: Scary Mommy


1. A Calamine pack will go a long way. Take some calamine lotion, add some honey and rosewater to it. Apply on the affected areas and rinse after 10-15 minutes. 


2. A nourishing blend of apple and cucumber juices will help soothe irritated skin. 



For Post-Holi Haircare

No matter how thorough your pre-Holi haircare ritual is, those harsh colours will not forgive your precious locks in any case. Thus, a new hair care regimen is in order. 


1. Pamper your damaged tresses with a relaxing hair wash and spa at a salon near you. Lukewarm water and sulphate-free hair products are advised for this process. 


Image Courtesy: Afday Blog



2. Try a DIY hair pack of curd and egg yolk for the stubborn colours.



Do us a favour and just play Holi!