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Your One-Stop Guide To Pre And Post Holi Care

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 17, 2021 6 min read

As the month of March begins to unfurl in India, reminders of the upcoming festival of Holi come rushing in. Pandemic or not, this time of the year is usually packed with boundless enthusiasm and excitement, with both the festival of colours and the upcoming warm months of summer, now on the close horizon. 


Getting caught up with the celebrations and festivities, so much so, that we ignore the pressing need of taking care of ourselves, is not exactly a far-fetched scenario. In the process of making merry with those close to us, our skin, hair and body end up bearing the brunt of our easy-going attitude. And then once the festival is over, the regret of not being more careful about skin and hair damage begins to settle in the pit of your stomach. 


Well, let's not go down that road this Holi. Celebrate this festival of colours, while being mindful of staying equipped with protection, and some tender, loving care. Keeping your needs in mind, we have curated this comprehensive guide to how you can take care of yourself, before, during and after Holi. 


Pre Holi 


1. Apply Copius Amounts Of Coconut Oil To Your Hair 

The chemicals in Holi colours can settle in on your hair strands, drying them of nourishment and moisture, and causing serious damage and roughness. Mitigate this, by oiling your hair with copious amounts of coconut oil, the night before the festival. 


Image Courtesy - School Of Natural Health 


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2. Lather Your Body In Almond/ Castor/ Olive Oil 

A thick layer of almond/ coconut or olive oil can act as a guard between your skin pores, and the harsh chemical colours used in Holi. This will prevent the chemicals from seeping into your pores and wrecking the pH balance of your skin. Additionally, a slick layer of oil on your skin will make a tremendous difference to the process of scrubbing off the colours later on! 


Image Courtesy - Queen Creek Olive Mill 


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3. Use Sun Block 

With your skin devoid of its natural moisture, and being exposed to potential irritants already, the strong heat of the sun can end up causing tanning as well as further, and perhaps, more grave damage. 


Image Courtesy - Allure 


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1. Indian Sunscreen with Carrot Seed, Turmeric & SPF 50 From Mamaearth | 80 ml @ INR 499



2. Green Tea Day-Light Sunscreen Gel SPF 35 From Plum | 50 ml @ INR 575



3. Bio Sunflower Matte Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 From Biotique | 100 ml @ INR 440




4. Paint Your Nails Dark Or Put Clear Polish  

To avoid the Holi colours staining your nail bed, paint your nails with a dark shade of nail polish, the night before the festival. Men, you can opt for clear polish to defend your nails against damage if colour isn't your thing! 


Image Courtesy - Nail Designs 


5. Use Petroleum Jelly Generously 

Protect your lips against exposure to irritants, by applying generous amounts of petroleum jelly, or Vaseline. Make sure there's a barrier on top of the delicate skin of your lips that prevents direct contact with harsh chemicals and infection-causing contaminants. 


Image Courtesy - Web MD


6. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

Arguably the most underrated Holi care advice, the chemical colours and the constant exposure to sun rays can cause your body to be severely dehydrated. Protect yourself from this predicament, by constantly hydrating yourself, pre, during as well as post-Holi. 


Image Courtesy - Test My Water


7. Avoid Any Skin Treatment Including Waxing And Threading Atleast 3-4 Days Before Holi 

The more sensitive your skin is when you step out to play Holi, the higher is the probability of allergies, rashes and infections. As you can imagine, freshly waxed or plucked skin is especially delicate with your pores and follicles more exposed, and thus more prone to reacting badly to all the chemicals and colours. 


During Holi


1. If You Have Long Hair, Put It Up In A Braid Or Bun


Image Courtesy - Scunci


2. Wear Dark Colours And Full Sleeves 

Put as many layers between your skin and harmful chemical colours, as possible. Also, avoid wearing materials like denim that tend to get heavier once wet. 


Image Courtesy - Young Trendz


3. Take Off Your Lenses, And If Possible Part With Your Glasses 

In the spur of the moment, somebody can end up pushing the edges of your glasses against your face while trying to put colour on you. This can lead to serious injuries, so if possible, leave your glasses at home. 


Post Holi 


1. Appy A Raw Milk/ Curd And Besan Paste Before Shower 

Home-made Ubtans work like magic for colour removal, without being harsh on your skin. Try rose water and turmeric, curd and besan, or raw milk and lemon juice. 


Image Courtesy - Business Insider 


2. Use Olive Oil And Cotton Swabs For A Pre-Shower Cleanse 

Olive oil can be used as a gentle cleanser, to wash off the outer layer of colours, before heading for a shower.


Image Courtesy - Omved


3. Avoid Using Strong Soaps And Chemical Gels To Get The Colours Off 

Look for gentler alternatives. 


Image Courtesy - Insider 


Products We Recommend


1. Bio Honey Cream Body Wash From Biotique | 800 ml @ INR 720 



2. BodyLovin’ Shower Gel From Plum | 240 ml @ INR 380




4. Avoid Roughly Scrubbing Your Skin


5. Moisturise Your Skin After A Shower

Give your skin the moisture and nourishment it lost over the course of Holi. 


Image Courtesy - Gentleman's Journal 


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6. Avoid Using Heavy Make-up Or Applying Anything Harsh On Your Skin For A Few Days After Holi 

This Holi, make it a point to celebrate keeping your wellness in mind. Happy Holi! 


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