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Bad Hair Day? 6 Quick Fixes That Work Like Magic

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Sept. 30, 2021 3 min read

A bad hair day is very akin to a bad weather day. Unforeseen, disheartening and absolutely out of your control. Or is it? 


Well, guess what? A bad hair day no more needs to translate to a day of hiding under the covers and avoiding all social contact. While the tricks we are about to propose won't necessarily leave you with a stunning mane of hair, they'll definitely aid you in hiding what you want to hide! 


So, scroll on to learn about the 6 tricks proposed by our beauty experts, that you can successfully use to combat an unexpected bad hair day. These are quick, easy and capable of solving hairy situations. Pun intended, of course. 


Rock A Dishevelled Braid


Lesser known fact, a bad hair day is actually the perfect occasion to sport a cutesy dishevelled braid. For starters, the braid tends to stick and remain in place when your hair is not at its silky best. Secondly, the on-going chaos between your locks looks like it was deliberately achieved, for style purposes!



Image Courtesy: Pinterest 


Dry Shampoo All The Way


Ladies, if you've been struggling with oily hair for as long as you can remember, invest in a bottle of dry shampoo right away. A godsend product for grease in your hair, dry shampoo can quickly make your mane look manageable, and well put together. Sounds expensive? You can use talc powder as an emergency alternative! 



Image Courtesy: Top Art Style 


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Sport A Ponytail With A Ribbon Scrunchie


Arguably the best way to cover up a bad hair day is to sport some ultra adorable accessories that divert every onlooker's attention! And talking about cute hair accessories, how can we skip out on the chic ribbon scrunchie? All you gotta do is put your hair up in a ponytail, and seat it with a vibrant scarf scrunchie. Too over the top? Try velvet headbands, embellished bobby pins or bow scrunchies. 



Image Courtesy: Pinterest


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Blow-Dry Your Hair Upside Down


This one is a fix for all those women afflicted by the condition of flat hair. If your hair looks like it belongs to a shampoo commercial the day you wash it, and still a shampoo commercial after you wash it, except the before picture, this one will be a life-saving hack. To add some instant volume, fullness and fluff to your hair, blow-dry it upside down!



Image Courtesy: Mirror


Messy Bun It 


Does this one even warrant an explanation? Messy buns have been saving countless women from the ill fate of a bad hair day, for numerous bygone years. And 2020 is no different. The key to a fabulous messy bun is to pull on and let loose those locks of your hair that frame your face.



Image Courtesy: She Look Book


Just Change Your Parting


If all else fails, just switch to a different parting. It will solve a lot of your hair problems, and even if it doesn't, the newness in your look will be enough to take people's attention off your unruly hair! It's not stupid if it works. 



Image Courtesy: Indian Makeup And Beauty Blog


Looks like we've reached the split end of this handy guide! Whatever hack you go with, just remember to add some extra confidence to your look. Even if your hair is not at its best, you can be! 



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