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Wake Up All Your Senses With Rage Instant Coffee

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - June 3, 2020 1 min read

Working from home isn't exactly a piece of cake. Especially considering your super-comfy bed is now literally a few inches away from where you work. Every quick 5-minute "I'm just resting" session turns into hour-long naps, and the next thing you know you're making excuses for missing conference calls, and replying to e-mails late. 



Well, we have a caffeine hack for all you sleepyheads. Let's just say, Rage Coffee doesn't just make ordinary coffee drinks, it makes potions that help you stay wide awake through the day. Believe us, the conviction comes after thorough trial and testing. 


With the assurance of you falling in love with their instant coffee, instantly, Rage Coffee offers a unique plant-based vitamins coffee, that's packed with boosted energy, focus and enhanced fitness. So essentially, when you down a cup of Rage Coffee, you aren't just consuming blind dehydrating caffeine, but getting your kick from a nutritious concoction of energising vitamins, and caffeine from 100% Arabica Beans!


Image Courtesy - Rage Cofee 


What's more? Their reviving "Turbocharge Your Day" comes in 4 varying quantities, and 4 yum flavours like Sparky Orange, Irish Hazelnut, Creme Caramel and Dark Chocolate. 


Thought that's all? magicpin is now offering some exciting vouchers, offers and rewards on online orders from Rage Coffee! Download the magicpin app, and you're good to go. 



Quick Work From Home Tip? Don't be depresso, please have some Espresso. 


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