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Head To These 9 Romantic Restaurants in Bangalore With Your Beau

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 14, 2022 5 min read

Once you get past the traffic predicament, very few places in the country can parallel the fun vibe inherent in the air of Bangalore! The hub of pubs and start-ups, the city also makes for the perfect backdrop for a blooming romance. The all-year-round pleasant weather of Bangalore puts you in the mood for love almost inadvertently, and with a gamut of choices in romantic spots spread across the city, the answer to going out on a romantic date with your partner is almost always a definitive YES!


If you've been scrounging around for recommendations to the most romantic places in Bangalore city, well, look no further! We have compiled a list of the 9 best romantic restaurants in Bangalore perfect for some private time with your significant other, and the best dining experiences in the city! 


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Once upon a time, The Rogue Elephant used to be an old house with large gardens. The beautiful garden space has since been transformed into a stunning dining spot, surrounded by lush green trees and rustic furniture. The awesome weather of Bangalore adds to the romantic aura of this place and makes it the perfect spot for couples to enjoy a peaceful evening. The service at this romantic restaurant in Bangalore remains unparalleled, and don't be surprised if you end up spending more time here with your partner than you originally intended to! 


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Tree Tops Bar and Kitchen is one of those rare finds that excel in every aspect, be it food, drinks, hospitality or ambience. This place deserves a noteworthy mention whenever the best romantic places in Bangalore city are listed. The soul-soothing dining hub - that is this place - is replete with stunning white interiors that make you feel like you are in Santorini. The outdoor seating area is nothing short of beautiful, and the mellow lighting coupled with the generous use of candles together create the perfect cosy vibes. 


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One of the most romantic restaurants in Bangalore city, Om Made Cafe is the perfect destination for candle-lit dinners with a view. The food at this place is simply out of the world, and the taste of all their dishes will make you relish every single bite. But the best part is the rooftop area, the beauty of which comes alive in Bangalore's delightful weather. Also, if you're visiting the cafe during this time of the year, be sure to get you and your beau a taste of their heavenly mulled wine!


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When you're constantly surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life, the need to relax and unwind occasionally is natural, necessary and unavoidable. Chavadi is one such great place where you can escape into a different world while holding the hand of your significant other. Located on a sweeping rooftop that offers you the best views of the city, this dining venue has a peaceful ambience with every corner submerged in plenty of natural light that refreshes the soul. This prominent date venue in Bangalore is adorned by the subtle elements of nature, and the decor is colourful as well as quirky! 


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Frequently rated as one of the top romantic restaurants in Bangalore, Toast & Tonic definitely lives up to all the hype. This is a small and cosy place with beautiful decor and an even better wooden bar. The cafe welcomes visitors with an enchanting and warm atmosphere and the hospitality is beyond wonderful. Don't forget to reserve a table whenever you decide to head out for a romantic date, as this place is almost always brimming with couples enjoying delectable food and drinks! 


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Head to this place with your partner for a chill evening replete with some serious "chai pe charcha" vibes. This gorgeous cafe has outlets located in both Jayanagar and Church Street. The ambience here is a perfect mix of regal and soothing decor, with a vibrant splash of teal and plum wherever you turn. The elegance of the place coupled with its laid-back vibe makes it one of the best casual date places in Bangalore. The dishes all pair seamlessly with their hot beverage options, and the flavours leave you smacking your lips.  


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Located on the 13th floor, Ebony is one of the few restaurants in Bangalore that are especially recognised for furnishing breathtaking views of the city's glittering skyline. Enjoy a beautiful dinner and some fine liquor with your beloved at this top hub of dining and romance in the city. This place is well-equipped to add that celebratory fervour to any mood or occasion. Don't forget to reserve a table, in order to get a full experience of the alluring ambience Ebony offers to couples! 


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If you like your dining spots with a warm splash of sunshine, Lazy Suzy is where you go. It's definitely one of the best restaurants in Bangalore for a casual afternoon or evening date with your significant other. Their menu is extremely interesting with an assortment of innovative food preparations. The presentation is also fantastic, so you can get heaps of drool-inducing food pictures along with some serious #couplegoals snaps! 


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One of the most popular, well-reputed and fun romantic restaurants in Bangalore, Hakuna Matata is exuberant in its ambience and the feel-good factor it leaves you with is exactly as the name suggests. There’s an indoor and an outdoor section that accommodates most of your whims and fancies. You can team your seafood meal with some very fancy but reasonably priced cocktails alongside some great company in this suave yet peppy tropical paradise in JP Nagar.


With this list of the top romantic restaurants in Bangalore now at your dispense, we are hoping you'll pick the right spot to celebrate Valentine's Day with bae.

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