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Fancy An Intimate Time For Two? Head To The Most Romantic Restaurants In Pune!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 4, 2020 6 min read

Foraging for a romantic place where you can grab a few moments of private quality time with your loved one? A dreamy place where you can talk for hours and share all your thoughts, love, and emotions with your companion? A place that could further solidify the bond that you share, and make you fall deeper in love with one another? Well, look no further! 


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We understand your dilemma and can empathise with the difficulty of picking one place to dine at, especially in a city like Pune when every corner of every street offers a cool new eatery for you to explore! To make your task much, much easier, we have curated a list of the top romantic restaurants where you can take your significant other and enjoy some wine-ing and candle-lit dining! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take your pick from this guide to the best romantic restaurants in Pune! 


Best Romantic Restaurants In Pune

The mood to indulge in some old-school romance should not be limited to just the 14th of Feb! Whenever you start paying attention, like really paying attention, you'll notice that the season of love is perennial! When you love someone with all your heart, the urge to shower them with romance and intimate gestures is only natural. Bearing this in mind, we have hand-picked the most romantic spots in Pune city where you can slip into oblivion while holding on to your partner's hand, and convey just how much you adore their existence! 


Best Romantic Restaurants For Couples


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With promises of an intimate time always on the cards, Mineority by Saby is the perfect spot to visit for a fun and pleasant night with the one you adore most. The dominant theme at this romantic restaurant for couples in Pune revolves around the life of miners with the concept, the menu and the decor all reflect that. This restaurant in Pune is all shades of chic and we strongly suggest you reserve your table now! 



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Revel in the fun of dining on a well-lit floor with planes flying right above your head! Atmosphere 6 is your perfect pick for an exceptional date in a restaurant brimming with contemporary snazz!  A reservation at the top deck close to the rooftop bar is the perfect plan for a romantic time with your significant other while marvelling at your bird eye view of the city! 


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As the name suggests, Village-The Soul of India remarkably captures life in a conventional Indian village and offers the customers a look and feel of lifestyles in the rural parts of India. The setup is very traditional and the restaurant has incredible dances on display, some best village tunes and the uniforms of the staff along with the furniture gives you furnishes you with an authentic experience of gorging on the flavours of India! 


Best Romantic Restaurants for Candle Light Dinner


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breathtaking rooftop restaurant in Pune, known for offering the best views of the city, Paasha is one of the most preferred hubs in Pune as far as romantic dinners are concerned! This prominent candle-light dinner venue in Pune city perfectly fits into the category of the most dreamy places that the town of Pune has to offer to residents as well as visitors! Enjoy the finest liquor, have the best food and thank your fortune that you ended up bumping into your significant other in the journey of life! 


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If I said that you could have the most romantic candlelight dinner in Pune along the poolside while also gazing at a sky full of glittering stars, would that sound like a dream come true? What if we threw in some delectable food and exotic liquor into the picture? Well, all you need to do is visit Addah in Pune and all these things will come true for you and your significant other! 



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Cocoparra is often lauded for its exceptional buffet lunch in Pune, but when you consider the ambience of this place, there are very few spots in Pune city that can match the vibe! This romantic restaurant in Pune is surrounded by a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, bustling with lush greenery! This is one of the best venues in Pune for candle-lit dining with some karaoke, refreshing drinks and plenty of good vibes! 


Best Luxurious Restaurants In Pune 


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Noted as one of the most vibrant and top romantic restaurants in Pune, The Cafe - Hyatt Regency is the most sought-after place in the city that is particularly well recognized for serving multi-cuisine delicacies. The restaurant offers picturesque indoor and outdoor seating alternatives coupled with lively interactive counters, thus giving you the comprehensive luxury dining experience. 


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Visiting Latitude in Blue Diamond and not raving about the place for days to come is near impossible! Gorging on the food here is the closest you will get to experiencing the taste of grandeur first hand! The opulent and rich interiors will have you dining in the lap of luxury and the remarkable service even in the face of large crowds will have you singing Latitude's praises to everybody you meet! 


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Constructed and designed with the warmth of a typical Chinese eatery, Baan Tao is one of the greatest Pan-Asian restaurants in Pune offering sensory eating experience to all the foodies around there. Serene and aesthetically pleasing, Baan Tao offers a couple of seating alternatives to fit your temperament. Replete with a waterfall outdoor area and a cosy Thai-Salas, Baan Tao is your best bet for any form of celebration, especially the romantic ones! 



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If you've been deeming yourself as "not into Pan Asian" for a while now, we have a place that might just change your mind! Offering mouth-watering authentic oriental food, an ambience that instantly gets you in the mood for romance, and beautiful, soothing interiors, Malak Spice should definitely be on your list if you are looking to spend a quiet evening with your love while feasting on food that keeps you coming back for more! 


Dine, indulge, and rejoice! These most romantic restaurants in Pune are your best bet when you're looking forward to setting some new relationship goals. Go ahead, book yourself a romantic dining experience now! 



Q. What are the eating joints in Pune where veg and non-veg is strictly cooked separately?

A. Any KFC outlet. They have two sets of chefs for veg and non-veg separately.


Q. What are some good restaurants to have non-veg food in Pune?

A. High Budget: Barbeque Nation, Kalyani Nagar.

Low Budget: Go to Magarpatta city, Destination Complex. Order open face Dajaj Shwarma with some extra Peta bread.


Q. Which are the must-visit restaurants in Pune?

A. Baan Tao, Malaka Spice, Le Plaisir



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