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PSA: You Can Now Get Sarojini Ke Kapde Online!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Sept. 8, 2020 2 min read

Walking through narrow concrete aisles bustling with a myriad of clothes in a hundred different colours. Shoving and pushing your way through a sea of people with the battle cries of the day's deals blaring in the background. Rummaging through heaps of garments in the hopes of finding something worthy of landing a place in your closet, and bargaining like your life depended on it. Saying that I miss shopping at Sarojini Nagar market, would perhaps be the understatement of the century!


As a girl who grew up in the capital city, I was quick to discover the wonders of dirt-cheap fashion at Sarojini. Especially for days when my pockets weren't heavily lined (read: from school to a year ago), Sarojini was the one-stop solution to finding an outfit for every occasion, whether it was a college trip or a university party. So naturally, when this whole pandemic debacle started to get a bit too real, and the realisation that it's not ending anytime in the foreseeable future set in, one of my first thoughts was, "wait, so am I ever shopping at Sarojini again?"


After what felt like an eternity of waiting around, I finally got my answer. And it's a loud, clear YES! Go ahead and click the play button. 




Was that an over-excited squeal I heard? Because, same. The first time I got this page DMed to me by a close friend, I could barely contain myself. Suddenly, the world felt so much brighter, because all the latest trends were yet again available for sale at bargain-basement prices. The Online Sarojini Nagar market page sprouted on Instagram a week back, and I've already ordered shirts, jumpsuits, palazzos and a denim skirt. The product prices on this page are just marginally higher than what you'd get at the physical market, but hey! not getting infected is worth every extra rupee, don't you think? 


All you need to do is take screenshots of the things you'd want to buy, add your details like name, address and contact number, and shoot a DM to the sarojinimarketonline page. They don't have a Cash On Delivery option, so you'll have to pre-pay for your order on Paytm, Google Pay, or PhonePe. A shipping charge of INR 60 will be levied on each order. After you've made the payment, and your order is confirmed, the next step is waiting for a mere 3 working days. Your latest Sarojini haul, will be delivered to your doorstep! 


Best news of 2020? I know right! For more information, head on to the Instagram page for Sarojini Market Online. Happy shopping! 



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