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Beat The Torturous Heat With These Skincare Tips For Summers

By Aditi Sharma

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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We’re in May now which clearly means that the heat is back and here to haunt us for a couple of months. Lucky for you, we have just the right hacks and tips for you to look effortlessly smokin’, yet feeling cool.  Beat the heat with these top skincare tips for summers for a flawless skin.


1. Lots & Lots Of Sunscreen

The first and foremost beauty hack is something we all tend to avoid and yes it is sunscreen. The magic lotion not only keeps you from tanning and away from a dreadful sunburn but also prevents facial brown spots and discoloration. The products in the market these days are lightweight and also have an incredibly long staying power.



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2. Make Aloe Your BFF

Aloe Vera in all its forms spells out B-E-N-E-F-I-T-S. Whether it is sipping on aloe in the form of a juice or applying it on your body during the season, it will leave you a cool feeling all day long. For the days that you might forget to apply sunscreen, freeze aloe gel in your ice tray to cure those devilish sunburns. 

aloe vera


3. Exfoliating - A Must!

You’ve been out of the house and in the heat all day long. Along with sweat, there are lots of dirty germs and grime that make your skin very lifeless and dull. A great way to exfoliate your skin in the summertime is by combining a ripe banana along with granulated sugar and some vanilla extract (optional). Exfoliating not only helps in removing the tan and dead skin but also prevents clogged pores which might lead to acne. 



4. Ditch The Salon

Summer also means dry skin and cracky heels and an endless list of skin troubles. Get the natural products together to figure out the best home remedies. Nothing works better on your skin than home-made masks and scrubs.

home remedies


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5. Yogurt To The Rescue!

We normally wash our hair every 1-2 days during the summers. This not only makes our hair dry but also strips the scalp off natural oils. A dry scalp means an itchy scalp. Prevent this by including yogurt in your hair care routine every week. Just take some yogurt and massage it into your scalp for around 10-15 mins and wash your hair after. 



6. Bid Adieu To Makeup 

Applying heavy and immense amounts of makeup calls for a disaster in the heat. Switch to a light BB cream instead of using foundation. Apply a little mascara and your favorite lipstick, and that should be your go-to look this season. Keep it light on the face and it will help in minimizing the beads of sweat all day.



7. Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself in all the right ways is an instant mood booster. This summer try various face masks and sheets, that will do your skin absolute wonders. They’re affordable and there is one for every skin type as well.



8. The Diet Counts!

Stock up on a lot of watermelons, cucumber, cantaloupe, and yogurt this summer. These fruits are not only low on calories but are packed with water and will keep your stomach feeling fresh and cool. Avoid eating hot and heavy food. Instead, replace your dinners with a cold soup and croutons or an open sandwich with avocado and tomato. For a quick snack add your favorite fruit to yogurt and top off with oats and coconut to make your DIY Acai bowl. 



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