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Skyy Vodka: Check Price list, Alcohol Percentage, Variants & Review

By Aniket

Updated - May 16, 20247 min read

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When it comes to premium vodka brands, SKYY Vodka stands out as a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and versatility. Founded in San Francisco in 1992, SKYY Vodka has redefined the vodka experience with its unique production process, diverse range of flavors, and commitment to excellence. In this blog, we delve into the key aspects of SKYY Vodka, including its price range, alcohol percentage, and the various variants it offers.


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SKYY Vodka Price Range

One of the first considerations for many consumers when choosing a vodka brand is the price point. SKYY Vodka positions itself as a premium brand, offering a range of products that cater to different budgets and preferences. The price of SKYY Vodka typically varies based on factors such as bottle size, location, and any promotional offers or discounts available.


In general, a standard 750ml bottle of SKYY Vodka falls within the range of $20 to $30 in the United States, making it competitive within the premium vodka segment. Larger bottle sizes or limited edition variants may be priced higher, while smaller bottles or travel-sized options may be available at a lower cost.


SKYY Vodka's pricing strategy reflects its commitment to delivering a high-quality product while remaining accessible to a wide range of consumers who appreciate the finer aspects of vodka.


SKYY Vodka Alcohol Percentage

Another crucial aspect of any vodka brand is its alcohol content, often expressed as a percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV). SKYY Vodka maintains a standard alcohol percentage of 40% ABV, which is typical for most vodkas in the market.


The 40% ABV ensures that SKYY Vodka delivers a smooth and potent drinking experience, whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail. This balanced alcohol content allows the flavors of SKYY Vodka to shine through while providing the desired level of intoxication for consumers.


It's important to note that SKYY Vodka's alcohol percentage complies with regulatory standards and is crafted to meet the expectations of vodka enthusiasts seeking a premium and authentic drinking experience.


SKYY Vodka Variants

One of the defining features of SKYY Vodka is its extensive range of variants, offering consumers a plethora of flavors and options to suit their tastes and preferences. Let's explore some of the popular variants offered by SKYY Vodka:


SKYY Classic Vodka: The flagship variant of SKYY Vodka, known for its smooth and clean profile, perfect for classic vodka cocktails like vodka martinis and vodka sodas.


SKYY Infusions: These variants infuse natural flavors into SKYY Vodka, creating a range of options such as citrus, berry, tropical fruit, and herbal infusions. SKYY Infusions add a burst of flavor to cocktails and are ideal for vodka mixed drinks.


SKYY Cold Brew Coffee: A unique variant that combines the rich notes of cold brew coffee with SKYY Vodka, offering a refreshing and caffeinated twist to vodka cocktails and vodka mixed drinks.


SKYY Barcraft: Designed for vodka cocktail enthusiasts, SKYY Barcraft variants are pre-mixed with natural flavors and ingredients, making it easy to create delicious vodka cocktails at home without the need for additional ingredients.


SKYY Coastal Cranberry: A limited edition variant that captures the essence of coastal cranberries, adding a tart and fruity element to vodka cocktails and vodka mocktails.


SKYY Sun-Ripened Watermelon: Another limited edition variant that celebrates the sweetness of sun-ripened watermelon, perfect for refreshing summer drinks and tropical cocktails.


Each SKYY Vodka variant is crafted with the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring a premium drinking experience across the board. Whether you prefer the classic purity of SKYY Vodka or the innovative flavors of its infused variants, there's something for every vodka enthusiast in the SKYY lineup.


SKYY Vodka Price in Different Cities of India 

SKYY Vodka has established itself as a premium vodka brand known for its quality and versatility. In India, SKYY Vodka is available in various regions, each with its pricing structure reflecting factors such as local taxes, distribution costs, and market demand. This table provides an overview of the Skyy Vodka prices in different cities and states across India, showcasing the range of prices consumers can expect to pay for a 750ml bottle of SKYY Vodka.



Vodka ml

Vodka Price Range (INR)

Skyy Vodka Price in Assam


1500 to 1600 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Kerala


2000 to 2050 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Delhi


1700 to 1800 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Kolkata


1750 to 1850 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Jharkhand


1700 to 1800 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Punjab


1300 to 1400 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Rajasthan


1450 to 1550 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Odisha


1300 to 1400 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Bangalore


1800 to 1850 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Haryana


1100 to 1200 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Jalandhar


1330 to 1430 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Goa


1560 to 1640 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Delhi Duty-Free


800 to 850 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Chennai


1590 to 1680 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Hyderabad


1490 to 1590 Rs

Skyy Vodka Price in Indore


1510 to 1650 Rs

Note: Enjoy alcohol responsibly, avoid excessive drinking, and never drive under its influence.


Q1. What is the origin of SKYY Vodka?

Ans. SKYY Vodka was founded in San Francisco in 1992, embodying the city's forward-thinking mindset and innovative spirit.


Q2. What is the alcohol percentage in SKYY Vodka?

Ans. SKYY Vodka maintains a standard alcohol percentage of 40% ABV, providing a smooth and potent drinking experience.


Q3. What are the popular flavors of SKYY Vodka?

Ans. SKYY Vodka offers a range of flavors, including classic, citrus, berry, tropical fruit, herbal infusions, cold brew coffee, coastal cranberry, and sun-ripened watermelon.


Q4. What is the price range for a 750ml bottle of SKYY Vodka in India?

Ans. The price of SKYY Vodka in India varies across different states and cities, with the range typically falling between 1100 to 2050 INR for a 750ml bottle.


Q5. Where can I find SKYY Vodka in Mumbai?

Ans. SKYY Vodka is available at various liquor stores and retail outlets in Mumbai, catering to consumers looking for premium vodka options.

SKYY Vodka Price