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13 Healthy And Delicious Food Subscription Boxes In India For The Foodie In You

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read


Who wouldn’t like a perfectly curated and packed box of yummilicious food delivered directly to our doorstep? - The food subscription box is a relatively new idea in India but a lot of them like Flicbox, Fig, and The Gourmet Box have kicked off even though too many people don’t know about it. We bring you the best of the best ( including healthy ) food subscription boxes you can subscribe to every month. 



1. Gourmet Box

The Gourmet Box is the first online gourmet food store to provide a monthly subscription box service based on your food obsession. Choose from a varied range of subscriptions – chocolate, coffee, cheese, pasta, etc. They will select the best and new products every month and send them across to you to taste, try, sample and eat delicious and new gourmet foods. Some of the subscription boxes even have recipes and pairing ideas with the products. It is a great gift to give and receive for food lovers.

PRICE: Starts from INR 750. 
WEBSITE: The Gourmet Box

2. CocoaTrait

Cocoatrait is an initiative to bring the best fine chocolates to consumers for their appreciation. Cocoatrait represents Indian chocolates across the globe and is involved in the promotion of fine chocolates across India and the globe. They’re based in Chennai, India but strive to source chocolate from every corner of India and the globe and deliver across India. 

PRICE: Starts from INR 1299
WEBSITE: Cocoa Trait

3. Bojo

Subscribe to some of the most delicious food boxes at Bojo - you can choose from a variety of sweets, snacks, and chocolates. Bojo is a platform which has collaborated with the top food subscription boxes brands to leave you spoilt for choices. The brands include - The Gourmet Box, Evolve Snacks, All Heart and many more.


PRICE: Starts from INR 495 


4. Flicbox

It's India's First International And Gourmet Chocolate Subscription Service which delivers across 15,000+ pin codes all over India. It offers chocolate boxes of different sizes - Mini - 250gms, Medium - 350gms and Giant - 500gms. It includes handmade gourmet chocolates and chocolates from International Brands as well. There are also seasonal discounts on their curated boxes. It's definitely one of the food subscription boxes in India for all chocolate lovers.


PRICE: Starts from INR 595
WEBSITE: Flicbox


5. My Embrace Box

My Embrace Box is a health and fitness subscription box bringing healthy goodness to your doorstep every month. They curate an exciting mix of snacks, staples, beverages, desserts and more and ship it to you, The best part? It comes to you as a total mystery making your race towards fitness all the more exciting. The products vary on monthly basis but as of now, they have The August Box, Ultra Low-Carb Keto Friendly Box, and Vegan Box.


PRICE: Starts from INR 1495
WEBSITE: My Embrace Box


6. Scriberr

Similar to the concept BOGO follows, Scriberr also provides a platform to Food Subscription Boxes Brands like La Frux, Flicbox, Tea Box, Snackible Box and many more. You'll be spoilt for choices when deciding the best one for you. The variety includes chocolate boxes, healthy meal boxes, Juices, Snack, and Tea.

scribber- food-subscription-boxes-india_image

PRICE: Starts from INR 299
WEBSITE: Scriberr


City-Wise Best Food Subscription Boxes:



1. Nutriobox

You've got to follow their meal-box subscription for a nutritious meal plan or a cold-pressed juices subscription to stay healthy every day. The subscriptions include salads, main course healthy meals and a cold beverage as a complete package. They have a fabulous team of skilled chefs working each day to provide their customers with nutrition filled meals. There is no sugar, no preservatives, No Refined Oil, No frying and No Maida. The recipes are gluten free, freshly baked bread is used, 100% Raw pressed juices are delivered.


WEBSITE: Nutriobox



1. Fitbox - Fig

Get fresh healthy meals delivered right at your doorstep - It's high time you take a step towards a healthy life. Subscribe to Fitbox for well-crafted chef meals on monthly basis. They make sure your meals don't taste bland at all as they've got the best recipes up for you - You can choose for their weekly packages - 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks.


PRICE: Starting from Rs.7380 for 4 weeks.


2. Eat Fit

Say goodbye to indecisive ordering food decisions and hunger pangs as Eat Fit is here with monthly plans to take care of your hunger calls. It's time to save up 25% on meals and binge on healthy and homely meals delivered right at your doorstep. You can even cancel and reschedule your meal any time - It just can't get better.


PRICE: Meals starting at Rs.69



1. Spicebox

When looking for Subscription Boxes in Mumbai, Spice Box is the place to look forward to. With customized meal plans and meal type, Spice Box is one stop solution for all your food worries. They also have meal plans for different times of the day. They deliver Nutritious meals all over the city in easy to heat microwaveable boxes. You can even take a short trial for a week to trust them before making subscribing for a bigger plan.


PRICE: Starting from 3 days plan - Rs.95
WEBSITE: Spice Box


2. Happy Grub

They provide tiffin services for your healthy well being by making sure your meals have the right kind of nutrition. The meals have a perfect combination of whole grains, fiber, proteins and probiotic elements with adequate spices. There is no way there are going to compromise on your taste buds. Ordering meals is very easy with Netbanking facilitiescancellations can be done by an SMS with your Name - As Easy as it can get!


PRICE: Starting from Rs.393
WEBSITE: Happy Grub



1. Ootabox

It's amazing how Ootabox customizes meals according to your tastes and preferences - They offer daily food subscription plans which includes North Indian, South Indian, and other cuisines as well. They provide all three meals - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Customers can choose from chef-crafted meals when it comes to subscribing to Ootabox - It's a home-cooked food service which has a network of 1k+ homes across Bangalore. When it comes to Bangalore, it's definitely one of the best food subscription boxes one can subscribe to cure their hunger pangs.


PRICE: Prices differ according to meals


2. Chefkraft

Following a KETO-DIET? You can't find a better place to subscribe to one of the most relishing keto diet meals. The meals differ from 5 to 30 days subscription plans - choose the ones which fit the best with your diet plan. Chefkraft makes sure the meals are chef-crafted with Gourmet based recipes to not compromise with your taste buds.


PRICE: Starting from Rs.1200
WEBSITE: ChefKraft


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Q: Which websites deliver fancy food boxes in India without a subscription?

A: Tea Box, Fab Box, and Snackible


Q: Which are the best pan-India cake delivery websites?

A: Floweraura, ChefBakers and Bookmyflowers




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