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15 Subtle Details Even The Potterheads Missed Out While Watching Harry Potter Movies

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 31, 2021 7 min read

The world is divided into two kinds of people! One kind loves the magical universe penned down by J.K. Rowling in the form of Harry Potter while the other kind is still waiting to be smitten by the Wizarding kinds. Never have I ever came across a soul who thinks otherwise.

It's safe to say that I fall in the former category of muggles who are just waiting for their acceptance letter to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. 



My ethereal fantasies aside, the Harry Potter franchise both books and movies changed the face of possibilities in the realm of writing and direction. Weaving a make-believe fictional world of magic wouldn't have been a one-draft journey and re-creating the same magic on big screens can only be a doing of a true wizard, well, in this case, four great wizards (David Yates, Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón & Mike Newell).


Proof? 7 books, 8 movies and 2 decades later, the story still holds a sweet spot in every heart who happily gave 1179 minutes of their life to Harry Potter and his adventures. And it was just the beginning. 



Every time I re-watch the Harry Potter series I stumble upon a few hidden details that I miss out during my previous re-runs and the vicious cycle never ends. Lucky for you, I have done my homework and picked out the 15 most astonishing, or as Ron would say, "wicked" details that will make you revaluate your loyalty towards the series. 


A note for Harry potter virgins: Spoilers ahead so you might want to watch and come back to us!



1. The Trophy Case Overlook

Harry potter and philosophers stone

Image Courtesy: SciFi Stack Exchange


When young Harry hopped on his broom in his first flying lesson and chased the vicious white-head boy, Malfoy only to catch the eye of Gryffindor's head, Prof. McGonagall. She instantly knew that her search for a seeker to play in the next Quiddich game is over. Ever thought how a teacher who taught transfiguration figured this out so quickly? Well, just a little bit above James Potter's shinning badge, the name Minerva McGonagall is written in gold, clearly, she was a Quidditch player of her time. I bet you missed it like I did the first few times.



2. Did I Just Connect All The 7 Dots?

Harry Potter Movie series

Image Courtesy: Twitter


Harry's Quiddich jersey says number 7. Tell me how many Horcruxes were there? Well, 7.  Wait, there's more...The chest where the real prof. Moody was locked in The Goblet of Fire had 7 locks. Still, think all of this is a mere coincidence? What do you have to say about those 7 snakes at the opening of Chambers of Secret and the fact that Ginny (spoiler alert) is also the 7th child of Weasley family? A thinker isn't it?



3. Marauder's Map & Newt Scamander

Newt Scamander

Image Courtesy: POPSUGAR Australia


If you haven't checked out Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them yet, it's high time that you do. This two-part movie revolves around Newt Scamander, a strange fella before the time of Harry Potter's adventure, who loved beasts and later became a professor in Hogwarts. It's no rocket science to guess what he taught. Well, Beasts!

Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban

Image Courtesy: SciFi Stack Exchange


And you can easily spot him on Marauder's map just moving around the school. 


You can check out the movies again on Tata Sky. 




4. Neville's Remembrall

Harry potter and philosopher stone

Image Courtesy: Reddit


The unlucky boy couldn't remember what he has forgotten while holding that ball in his hand and we as viewers didn't think it mattered. Look closely, while everyone else on the table was sitting gallantly in their black robes, Neville the unlucky boy forgot to put on one. Now you know, every detail matters.



5. Ron's Fixation On Hermoine

Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban

Image Courtesy: The Gamer


In the 3rd part, The Prisoner's Of Azkaban when Hermoine was unapologetically using the time turner to attend all her extra classes (what a nerd) and nobody else noticed or cared to find out. And every time Granger appeared from the shadows, just take a moment to notice Ron's reaction and hear his questions carefully. After all, he was the only one who cared enough, a clear indication of love since the 3rd movie. 




6. About The Boy Who Lived

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone

Image Courtesy: IMDb


Harry Potter became a famous little thing even before he could say the word magic. I won't bore you with the reason but did you happen to pick a strange detail from the first movie regarding his magic? Well, the fact is, Harry never even used a magic spell during the whole movie and still managed to scare away the dark shadow (He-who-must-not-be-named). Now that's special.



7. Debut Of Nagini (The 6th Horcrux)

Harry potter and the goblet of fire

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Take a close look at this WB logo, what do you see? If you didn't notice before, that is Nagini's reflection right before it is seen sliding towards its master in the first scene of The Goblet Of Fire. This has to give you chills the next time you plan to watch the movies.



8. The Secret Of The Painting

Harry potter and the half blood prince

Image Courtesy: Factinate


Voldemort was the most powerful dark wizard of his time and his childhood was no less than a riddle. Right above little Tom's head lies a painting of dark caves surrounded by wild water just crashing the rocks with utmost hatred. This is the same place Dumbledore takes Harry to look for the locket (one of Voldemort's Horcrux). A well-buried hint indeed.



9. End Credit From HP and Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone

Image Courtesy: Buzz


I can't believe I overlooked this for so many years. In the end credits of the first movie, Richard Bremmer is featured as He-who-must-not-be-named and not Voldemort. 



10. Mirror Of Erised

Harry potter and the philosophers stone

Image Courtesy: Reddit


Erised spelt backwards is Desire. And the bizarre inscription on the top isn't just any jibber-jabber, it means and I quote, "I show not your face but your heart's desire". How do I know this? Try reading the text in the mirror and you'll know I am not making this up.




11. The Chess Game In The Chamber's Of Secret

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secret

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


The final and the deadly game of Wizard's chess that took Harry inside the Chambers of Secret was already foreshadowed and you like most of us missed it. Recollect the miniature size Wizard's chess Harry and Ron played in the great hall and match the moves with the real one at the end. Spoiler's alert, they have the same ending. 



12. Accio Leaky Cauldron

Harry potter and the philosophers stone

Image Courtesy: Movie Maps


How did you think Magic Of Ministry hid Leaky Cauldron from the hub-bub of London? The sign above the bar was bewitched. It only revealed it's colour and name once a wizard reached near the door. Next time, look closely!



13. Gilderoy Lockhart Was In fact Bald

Harry potter and the chamber of secret

Image Courtesy: TV and Movie News


Lockhart was full of everything but his hair was not one of those things. Proof... That wig sitting there like nothing's wrong is enough to support my observation.



14. The Red Phone Booth

Harry potter and the order of Phoenix

Image Courtesy: Screen Rant


The red phone booth on the street of London has its own charm. It doesn't work like Leaky Cauldron sign, in fact, you need to dial a specific number-code to reach the Ministry of Magic. And that number is m-a-g-i-c or 6-2-4-4-2.



15. Snape Was A Good Guy After All

Harry potter and deathly hallows part 2

Image Courtesy:


Even while Snape was following orders from Voldemort after Dumbledore's death, he never stopped rooting for Harry. And it is quite evident in this scene. Snape fled the duelling but did knock down the two death eaters standing behind him. Snape 1, Voldemort 0.

Harry potter and deathly hallows part 2

Image Courtesy: Harry Potter Wiki-Fandom





That's all folks, the class is dismissed and may proceed to your dormitories and binge-watch the series again! 



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