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Stuck Swiping? 6 Rules That Will Help You Conquer Tinder

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 14, 2020 2 min read

For anybody who has not spent the better part of the last few years hiding under a rock, the word Tinder is sure to ring a bell or two. How loud (and alarming) that bell is, depends on what your experience with the famous online dating app has been like! And heaven forbid if you fall within the category of “average Indian male”, traversing through the lanes of Tinder can quickly turn into an endless, hopeless and match-less affair! 


How often have you looked around cluelessly when your friend, mid-meltdown, has asked why he doesn’t get any matches? How often has that person in your life been, you? Well, all we have to say is, it’s not you! Or is it? 


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While finding your soulmate on Tinder might be slightly far-fetched, there are certain hacks for significantly increasing your success rate, or at the very least, boosting the number of matches you get in a day. The truth is, despite of the famous dating app recently releasing an arguably vague blog post with some inside deets on its algorithm, figuring out the exact system is not really feasible. What we can offer, however, are these rules you can safely abide by to substantially amp up your chances of scoring a match! 


1. Don’t go on a frenzied right-swipe-every-single-person-I-see spree. Only swipe on someone if you’re genuinely interested. This helps Tinder figure out if you’re looking for something serious, or are just spamming people with swipes. 


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2. Use Super Likes if you can. While this might not get you assured matches, it does break through Tinder’s usual algorithm to project your profile to the one you swiped right on. We’d call that progress. 


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3. Initiate conversations. Exchange phone numbers. Don’t let your matches wither away. This helps Tinder discern the accounts that are actually invested in making real-life connections.


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4. Have a fully filled, informative profile. Talk about what you like, what you wish to avoid and what you are seeking on Tinder. Also, asking people to follow you on Instagram, does not an attractive bio make! 


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5. Be generous with your use of pictures. Keeping the technicalities of Tinder’s algorithm aside, two group pictures with your college buds are is not enough to make someone decide if they want to date you!


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6. Don’t be afraid to start over when your options suddenly seem limited. Its because they are, as with time, Tinder starts to recycle people you didn’t like the first time! 


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With these Tinder hacks now ingrained in your memory, we are sure you’re all set to start a new chapter of (online) romance in your life! All said and done, love will come to you when it has to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t conquer Tinder while you’re at it! 


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