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Book Your Instant Romance At These 21 Romantic Restaurants In Mumbai

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 22, 2021 10 min read

The city of Mumbai might be a lot of things, but dull will never be one of them. The largest city in India, Mumbai has rightfully earned the title of "City Of Dreams" regardless of whether your dreams comprise of becoming the best actor in Bollywood, or embarking on a romantic journey inspired by movies themselves! 


Orchestrating a date straight out of a fairytale romance might not be that impossible a task when you find yourself in Mumbai! However, with astounding options embellished in every nook and cranny of this vibrant city, picking just one might get real confusing real fast. After all whether its the most romantic restaurants for couples, invigorating rooftop restaurants, fine-dining spots or themed restaurants brimming with quirk, Mumbai will almost always, leave you spoilt for choice! 


Well, your fussing stops right here! We have carefully and painstakingly shortlisted the most romantic restaurants in Mumbai so that you don't have to! Come, fall in love with your partner and the world around you at large, at these 21 most romantic restaurants in Mumbai city! 


Best Fine Dining Restaurants In Mumbai


Image Courtesy - Hyatt 


This home-style authentic Italian restaurant nestled in Mumbai embraces traditional Italian recipes and presents them with a contemporary approach. Exuding the understated elegance, the interiors of Celini Mumbai are both modern and minimalistic. This Mumbai restaurant features a wood-fired pizza oven, rotisserie, and charcoal grill – all built into its show kitchen designed by Molteni of France, where the sights and smells of Chef Alessandro Persico’s Italian cooking invades all the senses. The restaurant has an exhaustive list of delectable wines and multiple seating options like table booths and lounge.


Image Courtesy - Curly Tales 


With refreshing beams of natural light shining in through the wall to wall windows and the accompanying spectacular views of the sun glittering on the bright blue waves of the ocean, Ziya is bright, spacious and majestically ambient. They offer a la carte options and a specially curated gourmet menu, intended to take you on an exhilarating culinary journey through India. To enhance the dining experience, they have hand-selected wines to complement each course on the menu.


Image Courtesy - Centurion Magazine


The Table offers dishes prepared with a unique cooking style along with prominent global accents and flavours. The menu comprises of small and large plates, snacks, as well as sides. Moreover, the restaurant is constructed with the intention of creating a lively social atmosphere. The ambience is cosy and warm with sleek wooden furniture, brick-like walls, and a black ceiling. The glass window on one side provides a great view of the city, especially at night. 


Image Courtesy - Wow Venue 


This uber-chic Mediterranean lounge bar and restaurant definitely falls under the category of the finest date-spots in Mumbai.  Olive was one of the first places to introduce the concept of Mediterranean fare and fun. And the flagship Olive Bar & Kitchen is something of a landmark in Mumbai. This is a place where the city’s happy people meet to dine and linger over laughter and conversation. Just like the city, Mumbai’s Olive is a bit of a chameleon: at bar nights on Thursdays, the place explodes with music and high spirits but when you visit this place on a Sunday, you can hear lazy laughter nibbling on brunch dishes all across the sunlit courtyard.



Image Courtesy - Nihayati Bhukkad 


Feast on the flavours of world-class cuisine and indulge in the refreshing view of a blooming lotus pond at this prime dining spot in Mumbai city. This international restaurant is open 24 hours a day, so you can indulge in a meal whenever your schedule so permits while in town! Head to this romantic restaurant in Mumbai with your loved one for a taste of some mouth-watering preparations and a wide variety of delicious dishes.


Image Courtesy - True Localz


The exotic seafood here is a treat to savour and the other dishes are equally sumptuous. To top it all, the desserts make waiting for a table at this grand restaurant, absolutely worth it! In addition, the Sushi and Sashimi are delightful and lead Global Fusion to become a favourite hunt for most Mumbaikars with a taste for Oriental flavours and buffet spreads! Take your boo here and they will surely have a great time. 



Best Rooftop Restaurants In Mumbai


Image Courtesy - Things 2 Do In Mumbai 


Dining at Sheesha Sky Lounge is just as much of an experience as it is a meal! This open sky themed restaurant chain is conceptualized and opened Pan-India by Ali Reza Abdi, an Interior Designer by profession but a Foodie at heart. Ali Reza wanted to design a restaurant where the customers could enjoy a memorable evening under the starry sky with great soulful music and food that is tastefully divine. This suffice it to say, Sheesha Sky Lounge secures a prominent position on our bucket list of best restaurants in Mumbai for a rooftop experience that will stay with you awhile! 



Sea-View Restaurants In Mumbai


Image Courtesy - Sarovar Hotels 


If you are seeking a bit of relaxation during your tedious day, while the idle sea greets your solemn eyes, then you can treat yourself and your loved ones here with an amazingly delicious menu. Open 24 hours, this top romantic restaurant in Mumbai is a complete package of mouth-watering food and tranquil dining experience. 


Image Courtesy - True Localz


A rooftop restaurant with rustic wooden décor and an ambience befitting your ideal place for spending idle evenings at. To amp up the fun further, they have added a giant screen for all those with a penchant for live screenings. However, we seriously doubt that the stunning seaside view will let you divert your eyes even for a brief moment! This place remains open from 12 PM to 1 AM, giving you plenty of time to spend by your beloved's side! 


Image Courtesy - Four Seasons


One of the classiest places in all of Mumbai city, AER will furnish you with a mind-boggling view, not just of the ocean but also of the stunning Mumbai skyline. Live music and unique décor add to the magnificent ambience of this place, and the grand Four Seasons touch lands this place as a noteworthy mention in every list of the most luxurious romantic restaurants in Mumbai.


Image Courtesy - Just Dial 


Located right on the Juhu beach, this is a pocket-friendly restaurant offering a stunning birds-eye view from its expansive rooftop! This is a place you can head to with your partner for a happy evening or a delightful breakfast. Boasting of an exotic and comfortable seating area with coloured and dimly-lit lights, the Seaside Patio is not a restaurant you can afford to miss out dining at whenever you find yourself in Mumbai! 


Image Courtesy - Free Press Journal 


Eye-pleasing view, a calm and peaceful ambience spread across the rooftop and boats swarming the coastline when thrown together into the mix, all make this place one of the best destinations for romantic dates. Not just that, this place is pet-friendly along with a prominent karaoke venue. So, what are you waiting for? If not a date, get your pet here for a treat.


Image Courtesy - On The Grid City Guides


Another exotic and luxurious place at hotel Intercontinental, Dome is popularly known for its amazing view from the rooftop which can give you chills down your spine! The magnificent ambience and generous servings of lip-smacking food will make you fall in love with the place and the person right next to you all over again!


Image Courtesy - Just Dial 


A serene spot for spending your evenings watching the sunset, Sea Princess has rightfully earned its name. Be prepared to be greeted by the waiters dressed in Caribbean style dresses, and wonder whether you're actually at a beachside shack! Open from 9 in the morning to 12:00 am-midnight, this is a perfectly cool beachside hangout place for you to visit at least once.



Best Theme-Based Restaurants In Mumbai


Image Courtesy - Foodeez Junction


Taking care of hunger pangs till as late as 1:00 AM, Rainforest Resto-Bar is a casual dining restaurant serving Biryani, Ice Cream, European, Bakery, Desserts preparations. A highly-rated place in Kurla, it is praised for its timely services and is a nice joint to visit when one is looking to satiate your cravings with tasty, hygienic food at reasonable prices.


Image Courtesy - True Localz


This is the perfect place in Mumbai to head to for an exquisite dining experience. It offers a delicious variety of North Indian and Mughlai delicacies that are cooked to perfection. It also offers lush Seafood that is mouthwatering and delights the taste buds. The fully stocked bar will furnish you with intoxicating drinks, that you can sip on while getting lost in an engaging conversation with your partner! 


Best Romantic Cafe in Mumbai


Image Courtesy - Youtube


With alfresco sitting, utterly charming décor and a popular English Breakfast palette, this romantic cafe in Mumbai is decked up in hues of turquoise and white. The café opens at 8 am with an all-day breakfast menu that includes eggs, freshly baked bread, cereals, waffles, and cold press juices. If you live away from your family, you’ll love this selection and can pick from Rajma Chawal, Tariwala Chicken or Keema Pav. Grandmamma’s Café proudly takes the appellation of the best restaurants in Mumbai if you are running on a tight budget.


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


This open-air cafe in Mumbai, surrounded by gorgeous trees, bamboo and plants is an all-time favourite place for artists to meet up and brainstorm their ideas or in an otherwise bustling city,  just sit and read in peace. Owing to sharing of the campus with the age-old and very well-known Prithvi Theatre, the cafe's popularity goes way beyond just theatre enthusiasts.


Image Courtesy - magicpin


Are you an early bird whose day is bound to get ruined if it doesn't start with a fresh hearty breakfast? Then, this tiny place located at the heart of the Heritage Art District of Mumbai is where you need to be for your morning boosts.  The aroma amazes one's senses and the aura is truly surreal. Slightly heavy on the pockets yet a place worth visiting whenever you're in Mumbai city!  


Image Courtesy - The City Story 


If the smell of books and coffee is what attracts and comforts you more than that of any perfume, then you need to head to this cosy book cafe in Mumbai without any second thought! With good food, coffee and a bunch of books, your day at this place will be sorted, and if you decide to bring your partner along, both of you will be in for several treats! 


Image Courtesy - Just Dial 


Offering a wide range of preparations from European and Mediterranean cuisines, this romantic cafe in Mumbai is chic and classy with its high-end interior and decor that is pleasing to the eyes. The amiable and prompt staff service also adds as a bonus. The menu is fairly rated considering their scrumptious meals. 


With this exhaustive round-up of the most romantic cafes in Mumbai city, we doubt you have an excuse left to not take your sweetheart on a dreamy date right away! So make those reservations, plan your outfit for the day, and treat your partner to exactly what they deserve, some intimate romantic time with you! 


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