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5 Weird Chocolate Combos That Actually Taste Awesome

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 9, 2021 3 min read

Of all the edible substances humanity tends to enlist when questioned about their favourite foods, it's safe to assume that chocolate emerges as one of the most frequently mentioned ones. Whether it's dark or milk, nut-infused or mint, our tastebuds might have settled on a favourite flavour, but the common denominator remains. Which is, undying devotion to the classic confection.  


I, for one, would refrain from declaring myself a "chocoholic", but cravings for chocolate do tend to strike me every so often. Which is to say, regardless of whether you're a frenzied fan or an occasional admirer, there's no denying that chocolate makes life helluva lot sweeter. Specific sorts of food have long been established as great accompaniments to the rich and gooey taste of chocolate, such as marshmallows, fruits (strawberry covered chocolates, anyone?) and wine, to name a few. But those who've sworn to discover all that chocolate has to offer before they die, have tinkered with combinations, that frankly sound unappealing and just, weird. But these choco aficionados and adventures, are quick to attest to the surprisingly awesome taste of these unusual pairings. 



So, is there any truth to the proclaimed awesomeness of these odd chocolate combinations? Let's find out for ourselves, why don't we? We asked our readers: "what's the weirdest food you've tried with chocolate and ended up loving?" and these were the top 5 answers we got! 


1. Bacon + Chocolate 

Primarily American in its origin, but loved by chocolate enthusiasts everywhere, this is a combination we came across a surprising number of times. While the pairing might seem a tad repulsive at first, not to mention insulting to lovers of both bacon and the confection, the crisp, smoky and salty flavour of fried bacon fares immensely well with the creamy sweetness of chocolate. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 



2. Uncle Chips + Chocolate 

If you've ever been personally victimised by a 3 AM midnight hunger pang, proceeded to rummage through your fridge only to eat a bar of chocolate with leftover french fries, you know what we are talking about! The Indian version of this apparently advocates putting together some melted chocolate with a bowl of classic Uncle Chips, and just munching away. The savoury, salty taste sprinkled with mild spices and masala, apparently makes for an even better snack when paired with the sweet confection. 


Image Courtesy - Pumpkin 'n' Spice 



3. Jalapeno + Chocolate 

The same effect of the savoury and sweet amalgamation applies here, although this one's meant for those who prefer fire in their food. In this strange pair, the peppery spice in the jalapeno wonderfully heats up your tongue, while the sweetness of the melted chocolate is quick to soothe it, thus rousing all your flavour preferences all at once. 


Image Courtesy - Minnesota Prairie Roots 



4. Watermelon + Chocolate 

Fruits go well with chocolate, and that's a commonly acknowledged fact. But there are some specific kinds of fruits that have been paired with chocolate all these years, such as strawberries and bananas. Within this realm, watermelon appeared like an unlikely candidate, but supposedly a piece of watermelon dunked in liquid chocolate, and lightly sprinkled with some sea salt, works as a brilliant craving-indulgent tidbit.


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 



Avocado + Chocolate 

Yeah, I couldn't see how this works either, but the skyrocketing popularity of this odd combo says otherwise. So, I guess this is just one of those "if you don't try, you'll never find out" recommendations? 


Image Courtesy - The Vegan Pact



Seven days without chocolate makes one weak. *wink*



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