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7 Unusual Sandwiches In India & Where To Find Them

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Nov. 3, 2020 6 min read

My Sandwich?... MY SANDWICH?... M.Y S.A.N.D.W.I.C.H... I can still hear Ross's voice echoing through my worst nightmares. The time when his boss took his special turkey sandwich with a "moist maker" the day after Thanksgiving is the part of Friends when I felt even more violated than him. I mean, who could be so inconsiderate to steal bread from someone's mouth and throw most of it in the dustbin. I can't even imagine what I'd do if somebody took away the only good thing in my life like that. But... thank god, I don't have such people around me. However, if you do, then I think you're smart enough to take a call. Anyhoo... coming back to the real reason why you went through the trouble of recalling this scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S; it's sandwiches. Now, in my humble opinion sandwiches are the modest, most basic yet deliciously amazing snack of all time. Easy to make, easier to find and easiest to eat. The sheer variety makes me drool. 


While these elementary sandwiches have my heart but the foodie in me keeps looking for new innovations I can put in my mouth. And what are the chances that I found some? Actually 7. So here's a list of unconventional, not-so-basic and yummy sandwiches across the country that you at least gotta try once. 


1. Nutella Cheese Toast @Manju Sandwich Corner (Mumbai)

Price: INR 95


Two of our favourite ingredients, sweet and savoury when brought together forms a marriage strange yet delightful than the rest. The Nutella Cheese Toast is nothing but an amalgamation of generous amount of Nutella, cheese and out-of-the-box thinking. And more than that it's an unusual sandwich everybody got to try at least once. Now, this place we so fondly call Manju Sandwich Corner is already known for its lip-smacking palate of eccentric sandwiches and chutneys in Mumbai. So, go ahead give this weirdly yummy sandwich a heart-felt go. 

Manju Sandwich

Image Courtesy: Instagram


2. Pineapple Grill Sandwich @Sabari Juice Junction (Bangalore)

Price: INR 80


We found a weird sandwich in the most hopeless place, a very popular juice corner in Bangalore. It's almost as if the universe was conspiring against us. But the good thing is, something like Pineapple Grill Sandwich exists and we were able to track it down. Moving on, I've come across some mixed reviews about this sandwich but I don't think there should be anything wrong with having caramelized pineapples in a grilled sandwich. And if you've already tasted pineapple pizzas and burgers, you might actually develop a fondness for the pineapple sandwich as well. Now, I sure hope to have a crack at it whenever I am in the city next and I in my humble opinion, you should too. 

Sabari Juice

Image Courtesy: magicpin


3. Open Swiss Sandwich @Flury's (Kolkata)

Price: INR 750


Flury already has a reputation of serving fancy dishes and to find an unusual sandwich there is like bumping into a fortunate coincidence. Now, this Open Swiss Sandwich is a treat for the eyes and the heart. Not only their major ingredients are right in front of you but they are extremely delicious when put together. All things beautiful... the shredded chicken, ham, tomato, cheese & fried egg on the top of a single slice of bread are somewhat of a symphony on the plate that I'd to like lose myself in. And even though an open sandwich sounds weird (and it is)... but there's still a chance that you might like it. However, you'd never know if you don't try it. So, go out, take this risk and don't wear white because I am told that it can get a bit messy.


Image Courtesy: flurysindia


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4. Spicy Ghee Roast Sandwich @All'Bout Sandwiches (Gurgaon)

Price: INR 89


A fan of spicy? Well, this curious sandwich could be the next best thing you try. To build further on the premises, this Spicy Ghee Roast Sandwich is one of the most recommended items from All'Bout Sandwich. And that's not just because it's fairly spicy but also due to the fact that it represents a popular Mangalorean dish which according to me is a must-try as well. Furthermore, the place is literally about sandwiches so if you don't wish to tick-off your spice-buds, their other grilled sandwiches especially Cheese Chutney Sandwich sounds as queer as the one we suggested. So, go on, it's perfectly safe.

All bout sandwiches

Image Courtesy: Swiggy


5. Chocolate Ice-Cream Sandwich @Subhash's Sandwich (Mumbai)

Price: INR 120


To whoever said that sandwiches are supposed to be a savoury item, take them to Subhash's Sandwich in Mumbai and proudly prove them wrong. Now, the Chocolate Ice-cream sandwich might be a peculiar pick for the most but for the lovers of everything sweet especially chocolate & ice-cream, this sandwich is a godsend culinary experience. More than that, the place offers a lot of other chocolate infested sandwiches as well; which are not only overloaded with love but also sold at a very reasonable price. Go ahead, you're making the right choice.

Subhash Sandwich

Image Courtesy: magicpin


6. Yalla Habibi Sandwich @Big Fat Sandwich (New Delhi)

Price: INR 320


Not that this sandwich is strange but the ingredients sure are... and that is why I'd like to mention Big Fat Sandwich's Yalla Habibi Sandwich in the list of unusual sandwiches around India. Don't believe me? Follow me as I spell those out for you. Zatar marinated chicken (so far so good), Labneh (FYI, its a yoghurt cheese but sounds normal), Hummus (sure, why not), beetroot pickles (umm...okay!) and finally BFS hot sauce. I know right... I had the same reaction but everything will fall in place as soon as you take the first bite. It will be like a storm of middle-eastern flavours in your mouth in the delightful form of a sandwich. 

Big Fat Sandwich

Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor


7. Stuffed Paneer/Chicken Makhani Kulcha Sandwich @Wild Sugar Patisserie & Cafe (Pune)

Price: INR 149/INR 189


Giving a desi twist to good ol'English food is our age-old culinary habit and I don't know about you but I am quite a fan. Eating Kulcha with a generous filling of panner or chicken and a special makhani sauce like a sandwich is an odd fetish we all secretly want to be a part of. So, no matter what everyone tells you if your heart says it's worth trying, do check this place out for one such unusual sandwich experience. You're welcome. 

Wild Sugar Patisserie

Image Courtesy: Instagram


If you love sandwiches just like the (c)rust of us, do give these unusual but very delish sandwiches a proper try. 



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