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10 Out Of The Box Wedding Gift Ideas For Every Budget

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

Ever so often, finding the perfect wedding gift can prove to be a herculean task. Sure there are cash envelopes and those are great, but sometimes you want to get the bride and groom something a little more meaningful and unique that leave a lasting impression. So in this case, it would be better to present a personalized gift that always evokes those warm memories even after years. No matter, if it's an inexpensive or just a small item the thought behind the present and the extra effort makes it a lot more valuable. That’s why a personalized gift is indeed an ideal thought for such occasions. 


So if you are looking for such great ideas that are fun and creative, then do check out these wedding gift ideas that are sure to give you an edge over the other guests.


1. Photo Candle

Sometimes the simplest of present can prove out to be the best idea. A curated collection of photographs of you and the newlyweds on a stylish Photo Candle is a perfect way to show your love and provide a long-lasting memory.


2. Customized Perfumes

Presenting an exotic perfume is always considered to be a perfect idea. Look after the stores that offer the service of crafting a customized fragrance based on the customer’s input. Do some formal inquiry about the bride and groom`s favorite fragrances and surprise them with this thoughtful gift.


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3. Engraved Wooden Box

This beautiful and stylish gift stands out of all the presents. Get a beautiful engraved wooden box and send your wishes to the new family. Later the box can be used for storing jewelry while also reminding the new couple of your love and wedding wish.


4. Personalized Champagne Bottle

An all-time classic and romantic gift, but a personalized message make it even better, especially when it’s printed on a red, pink or golden foil and features a great design. Add a set of champagne flutes as well. 


5. A Vase

Holding all those N numbers of flowers at a time seems to be a bit typical. So why not be the one to offer them the perfect solution by presenting them a masterpiece.  This nature-inspired vase is all they need to hold all those flowers in and also a perfect medium for your greetings and wishes.


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6. Lookalike Lego Figurines

An unimaginable and exceptional gift that the bride and groom can cherish for years to come. Get LEGO figurines and make them always look like the newlyweds even after days, months and years. This super original present can be avail with minimum effort in any gift store. Just carve their names after that and you’re all set.


7. Custom Celebratory Slate

An astounding and unique wedding gift for the happy couple at Personal Creations. Nothing sets in stone, except maybe your heartfelt wedding wishes and this customized gift can be a way then. 


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8. Custom Jewelry

A sentimental and gorgeous piece of gift for the newlyweds that they can cherish for the rest of their life. If you have a decent budget then you can get a piece of personalized matching gold necklace and bracelets, with the bride`s and groom`s names engraved on them, they’re certain to love it.



9. Custom Soap Bars

Getting soap bars customized with names is quite easy and can be done online in just a few minutes. You can also choose specific ingredients and smells to truly make the gift unique.


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10. Clock with a Caricature

An effortless, pocket-friendly and comical gift to present. Caricatures can make everything more interesting. Imagine the couple`s excitement and smiles when they see their own faces caricatured that placed on a clock. 


Hopefully, you’re now more prepared to choose a wedding gift that will leave the groom and bride talking for years. 






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