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Ember 06632 91557 15 Jul 2022

A nice place to hold a decently big function. Be it birthdays or anniversaries, it's an ideal place. since it's mostly plain. It can customized according to colour palettes and the theme too. Really huge space. One thing is that it's mandatory you get catering from the same place otherwise it just becomes more complicated!

Shubham Singh Singh 28 Mar 2024

I recently dined at Pankaj Dhaba and was pleasantly surprised by their matar paneer. It was flavorful and made with fresh ingredients. I was happy to find healthy options on the menu, as I prefer nutritious meals. I also appreciated the fact that the restaurant offers nutritional information, making it easier for me to keep track of my food intake. As someone who often shares my food diary on social media, I would highly recommend Pankaj Dhaba to others looking for

kapil dev singh 28 Mar 2024

Just Pizza definitely knows how to do sushi right! Their selection of fresh and high-quality sushi options, along with their delicious Japanese cuisine, satisfied my sushi cravings. I ordered their signature 2 Otc Three Toppings Pizza and was blown away by the perfect combination of flavors. The added Coke was the perfect drink to wash down the flavorful bites. As someone who loves to share my sushi experiences on social media, I couldn't resist snapping a picture of the beautiful presentation. Overall, Just Pizza is

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