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Best Restaurants in Penha de Franca, Goa
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Maganjot Singh 31 Mar 2024

I recently had the pleasure of ordering from Sua Casa Restaurant for lunch and I must say, their prawn dish was absolutely delicious. The prawns were cooked to perfection and the flavors were spot on. The packaging of the meal was also very impressive, ensuring the dish arrived fresh and hot. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a satisfying lunch option. Their prawn dish is a must-try!

Sagar Prasad 12 Mar 2024

I recently tried the family meal deal at Abraco and I must say, it was a fantastic choice for our weekend dinner! The Chilli Fish dish was definitely the highlight, perfectly cooked and bursting with flavor. Not only was it delicious, but the portion size was generous and great value for money. It was the perfect option for our family dinner and I highly recommend giving it a try. Abraco is now on our list of must-visit restaurants for our weekend meals together.

Parveen Kashyap 31 Mar 2024

I recently visited Morgan's Place and was beyond impressed by their delicious vegan options. As a vegan, I appreciate when a restaurant offers more than just a salad as their meatless option. The filter coffee was also exceptional. I couldn't resist sharing my positive experience on social media. If you're looking for a restaurant that caters to plant-based eaters, Morgan's Place is a must-try. Their filter coffee is a must-try!

Manvendra 12 Mar 2024

I recently visited Kismoor Sangolda and was thrilled to discover they had a variety of gluten-free meal options. Of course, I had to try their famous Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Nutella Dip, and it did not disappoint. The brownie was moist and rich in chocolate flavor, and the Nutella dip added a perfect touch of sweetness. As someone who prefers gluten-free meals, I highly recommend Kismoor Sangolda for their delicious options and accommodating attitude. A must-

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