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Aashutosh Chachan 12 Mar 2024

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Abids Bistro at Royalton Hotel and I must say, their Chicken Dum Biryani was absolutely delicious! As someone who loves spicy food, I was impressed with the perfect level of spiciness in the biryani. The rice was perfectly cooked and the chicken was tender and flavorful. The ambiance of the restaurant added to the overall experience. I highly recommend trying out this restaurant if you're a fan of spicy food. Trust me, you

Kashish Sakkerwal 26 Mar 2024

I recently dined at Chopstick Veg Restro and was blown away by their veg spicy noodles! This restaurant truly understands the importance of offering delicious vegan options. As someone who follows a plant-based diet, I appreciate their dedication to catering to different dietary preferences. The noodles were perfectly spiced and had a great balance of flavors. I am definitely coming back for more and will be recommending this restaurant to all my friends who also enjoy vegan meals. Bravo, Chopstick Veg Restro!

Tarosh 12 Mar 2024

I recently dined at Bistro and was pleasantly surprised by their extensive vegan options. I ordered the Podi Idli and was blown away by its flavor and texture. The combination of spices and the soft idli made for a delicious meal. As someone who frequently shares my dining experiences on social media, I highly recommend Bistro for their commitment to plant-based and vegan options. Every dish is thoughtfully crafted and I appreciate the effort put into their menu. A must-try for anyone looking for

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