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Fresh Fruits & Dark Chocolate Panjiri Tart, Cappuccino, Latte
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#EpitomeOfTaste If you are fond of chocolate and wanna taste unique items made from it, then Nibs is the right kind of place for you. With 4 outlets on its name, Nibs is an outrage in the Pink City. I went to the one from where it all started, Nibs at Hathroi Fort is a bit close to my residential area and out of all the 4 outlets, its my favourite because of its simple yet quirky decor. Its painted in indigo being so soothing to the eyes. With a very hatke cutlery and menu, Nibs completely stands out from its competitors owing to its quality food and friendly service. Although Pink City is brimming with cafés and bakeries, Nibs still has an edge over others. From bakery to a full-fledge café setup, Nibs has ventured into a great variety of desserts, sandwiches, pizza, pasta and more. They serve an assortment of chocolates ranging from flavoured to truffled ones. The versatile menu provides Italian, Mexican and a whole next level desserts that are unique just to this place. They have come up with a modified menu which is very attractive. What I ordered ♦Tiramisu Frappe priced at ₹169 is a cold coffee infused with tiramisu🍰 bringing out a completely different flavour. #Flavorsome Tiramisu added to the thickness increasing its creamy texture.***** star drink. Service is quick and friendly. They treat all their customers the same. This branch of Nibs caters to a different set of customers. Since its close to no. of hotels, many foreigners and families can be seen here. On the contrary, C-Scheme and others see a lot more younger crowd. Stay tuned for moments! #JaipurMagician #Gopalbari #HappyWallets #FamilyTreats #UniqueFood ...