Best Chinese Restaurants in Gopalbari, Jaipur

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Average Customer Spend:
Chinese, North Indian
Breakfast, Outdoor Seating
Must Haves:
Paneer Butter Masala, Butter Chicken, Sandwich
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Wanted to make a visit to this beautiful hangout spot since long.Had an amazing experience. There's too much to Peacock that one can go talking about for long with its eclectic decor that's traditionally curated. Every tiny piece of the interiors has been well thought to go well with the Rajasthani theme that does well to attract a huge crowd especially of foreigners. The locality too adds to its glory counting among the favourites for outsiders.It's always crowded and one might have to wait for his/her turn or even leave disappointed. But then that's the X factor about the place and it's recommended to leave early for an assured booking.It has 2 outdoor seating and an indoor one on two separate floors such that's its spread on a larger area owing to the huge rush.The arrangement and ambience is comfort giving with light melodies being played by indigenous live bands singing to traditional hymns.What we tried :Adding to the excitement we had, we went on to try a lot of amazing dishes :¶Chicken kali mirch : A starter one must not miss. With an amazing preparation, heavenly to taste and is soft and luscious.¶ Pad Thai noodles: one of the best pad Thai I've ever tried. With a tinge of light sweetness, it's an amazing with flat noodles that aren't to spicy to burn your throat.¶ Aglio Olio pasta: This one's a personal favorite and I look for it wherever I go. Served with Garlic bread, it's a pleasure and is served in penne.¶ Chicken lababdar: This one will surely leave you craving for more with the first taste itself. Soft and spicy, it's an affair worth indulging in.¶ Margherita pizza : It was a thin crust pizza solely loaded with a lot of cheese that's soft and fabulously fresh.¶Garlic naan: Completed the main course with its tangy flavour and a lovely tinge of garlic felt in very bite.¶Brownie with icecream: Loved the desserts at this one. This particular delight melts in mouth and awakens your taste buds.Rush to this lovely place that's sure to amaze you with its fervour.#highlyrecommended#highonchocolate#foodtrucks#OpenAir#BakersLanding#SinfulIndulgence#omnomnom#mymagicpin ...