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Best Cheese Pizza Restaurants in Colaba, Mumbai
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Vikas Shivhare 06 May 2024

I recently visited D'Olive Garcia and was impressed by their Keto diet options. As someone who follows a strict Keto diet, I appreciate when restaurants offer delicious and satisfying choices. Their veg kids meal was also surprisingly tasty, making it a great option for families with children. I shared my positive experience at D'Olive Garcia on my social platforms, along with some of my favorite Keto recipes. If you're looking for a restaurant with great Keto options and a kid-friendly menu, D'Olive Garcia is


I recently tried Yogi Plate and I must say, their Paneer Chilli Dry is absolutely delicious! As someone who prefers quick bites and fast food, I was very impressed with the speed of delivery and the convenient packaging. The paneer was perfectly cooked and the chilli added just the right amount of heat. The overall experience was fantastic and I cannot wait to order from them again. Highly recommend for those looking for quick and tasty bites!

Mr Rajesh Pani 03 May 2024

I recently visited Cafe Town and was pleasantly surprised by their Schezwan Burger. As someone who prefers healthier options, I was happy to see that the burger was made with fresh and nutritious ingredients. I shared my food diary on my social media and received many positive responses. The taste of the Schezwan sauce was just the right amount of spicy and the patty was cooked to perfection. I highly recommend this burger to anyone looking for a healthier yet delicious option. Overall, Cafe Town is definitely

Ankita Garg 03 May 2024

I recently ordered lunch from Donna's Pizza and tried their special garlic bread. Let me tell you, it was amazing! The bread was perfectly golden and had just the right amount of garlic flavor. It paired perfectly with my salad. I also have to mention their packaging - it kept the bread warm and fresh until I was ready to eat. Highly recommend trying Donna's Special Garlic Bread for your next lunch delivery.


Cheese Pizza

Abhishek Rajak fitness 30 Mar 2024

Tej Pizza is my go-to spot for quick bites and fast food. I can always rely on them for delicious, piping hot meals in a flash. Their Chicken Peri Peri 7 Inch pizza is my absolute favorite, with the perfect amount of spice. The Chicken Mexican Garlic Bread is also a must-try, with its flavorful toppings. And let's not forget about their perfectly crispy French fries and refreshing Pepsi. The delivery speed is always impressive, and the packaging keeps everything fresh and hot

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