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Best Restaurants in Ghatkopar East, Mumbai
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Kashish 29 Apr 2024

I recently ordered breakfast delivery from The Belgian Waffle Co. and was pleasantly surprised by the Kiki and Oreo Waffle Cake! The combination of Kiki (chocolate and hazelnut) and Oreo flavors was absolutely delicious. The waffle itself was perfectly crispy and the toppings were generous. I couldn't help but share my delightful experience on my social platforms. The breakfast options at The Belgian Waffle Co. are definitely worth trying, especially if you're a fan of waffles

Deepika dubey 28 Apr 2024

I recently visited Falooda World and tried their Rose Royal Falooda with Malai Kulfi. The combination of the fragrant rose flavor with the creamy and rich malai kulfi was excellent. As someone who prefers healthy options, I was happy to see that the ingredients used in the falooda were fresh and nutritious. I even shared my food diary on social media, highlighting this delicious and healthy choice. Overall, I highly recommend this falooda to anyone looking for a tasty and

guncha agrawal 26 Mar 2024

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Trivedi Paan House and I have to say, it's a must-visit for all budget-conscious foodies. The Calcutta Khush Paan was simply amazing, with a burst of flavors and great quality ingredients. Even though I usually order from nearby eateries during office breaks, I couldn't resist trying out this gem of a place. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the value for money is unbeatable. Highly recommend trying out Tr

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