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Best Biryani Restaurants in Lower Parel, Mumbai
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User 12 Mar 2024

I recently ordered dinner from Biryani and Pulao Collection by ITC Hotels and I must say, I was highly impressed by the overall experience. The Bharwan Mirch Pulao was particularly outstanding - the spice level was just right and the rice was cooked to perfection. The premium quality of the dish was evident with each bite. I highly recommend this restaurant for those who prefer a higher quality of dinner options. I can't wait to try out more dishes from their menu and share my experiences on

Abdul Qadir 01 Apr 2024

I recently ordered from Veg Daawat by Behrouz and tried their Shahi Veg Biryani. It was truly delicious, with the perfect balance of spices and flavors. The rice was cooked to perfection and the vegetables were fresh and abundant. As someone with a sweet tooth, I was also pleased to receive a free dessert with my order. It was the perfect ending to a great meal. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for flavorful vegetarian biryani with a sweet surprise!

Thakur Chirag 30 Mar 2024

I recently tried The Biryani Life and was amazed by their Noorani Dates Tart. The combination of dates and tart was truly a match made in dessert heaven. The tart crust was flaky and the filling was rich and sweet, without being too overpowering. Not only did it taste delicious, but it also looked beautiful with its golden brown color and sprinkle of powdered sugar. If you have a sweet tooth like me, I highly recommend trying this dessert at The Biryani Life.

Vípìn Kumar 30 Mar 2024

I recently tried the Mini Iftar Dawat Combo from Behrouz Biryani and I was blown away by the delicious flavors and spice level. The biryani was fragrant and perfectly cooked, and the side dishes were a perfect balance of spice and taste. As someone who loves spicy food, I was thoroughly impressed. The portion size was also generous, making it great value for money. Overall, I highly recommend Behrouz Biryani for anyone who loves flavorful and spicy food.

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