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Yash Bhatia 12 May 2023

If I am talking about food it was good but the service was very poor. Though it was a week day moreover only 2 tables were occupied as resturant was not crowded. They took nearly 1 hour 30 mins to serve starters & main course moreover we had to call them for each & everything like water tissue paper etc. The atmosphere was also hot inside it seems they had some problem with A/C. In the main course had order paneer kulcha waited for 20-25 mins then the waiter comes says " paneer kulcha nhi milega kulcha batti ke mein ghir raha he chipak nhi raha". As per the waiter the main chef was on holiday & as per the owner there was some problem in gas pipeline, So whom to believe? Then why don't they shut the hotel if they are short of staff or there is problem with the gas? Or they should I have informed us earlier at the time of entry about the delay & problem.

Sheetal Kotecha 14 Mar 2023

Good taste of maggi and pizza. Kullad pizza was a new concept but i think it's better to have that as a dine in. Bun muska jam was ordered, but jam was forgotten and rather, the bun maska was even baked.. so didn't like it as missed its softness. Overall good...

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