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Average Customer Spend:
American, Mithai
Must Haves:
Avocado Toast, Tiramisu, Mushroom Soup
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Neha Wali

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Enchanting and marvelous are the words to describe the ambience of this place. The moment I entered this place, their vibrant lighting with a whimsical decor was what over-joyed me! I can't define how glad I was by the soft colours splashing around! The soothing and surreal aura of this place detoxified me from all the anxieties! Everything present their- from the lamps, hanging flowers, painted plates will surely grasp your attention because it's truly beautiful! Their menu was also very catchy. Sublime and subtle colours which where synchronized with the surroundings. You can't get your eyes off the from wide menu presented with a plethora of options to choose from. But believe me: order anything, you will get it in the most innovative and creative manner!What all satisfied my palate?✓English breakfast tea: The blend of black tea with milk and sugar! It was served we're beautifully! I loved the presentation! It tasted good as well!✓Cappuccino: Espresso with steamed and foam milk. My classic cup of coffee done right√✓Chicken Thanksgiving Sandwich: A flavourful combination of pulled chicken, dried cranberries, pickles, onions and celery topped with crisp lettuce, tomatoes and Herb Mayo! Served with colesaw and french fries. The portions was decent for the money charged. The filling was spicy and luscious! The bread was soft and tasted fresh. In all, it was a great experience to be here where everything is done intricately, right from the ambience to the presentation. The food is also palatable! Drop in here to witness sheer beauty and bountiful options of food!#ChaikiChuski #OldWorldLuxury #DriveToEat #WineDine #TheSelfieDen #JazzToBe #FamilyTreats #BakersLanding #ThatView #HeavenlyBurgers #SinfulIndulgence #UniqueFood #OpenAir #DateState ...

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Average Customer Spend:
American, Italian,


Serves Alcohol, Takeaway Available
Must Haves:
Nachos, Freakshakes, Nutella Milkshake