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Best Restaurants with Seating Available in Greater Kailash, New Delhi
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Tarun Agarwal 06 May 2024

I recently tried the Paneer Kathi Roll from Mutton Mahal Shahi Kabab and it was a great find for a budget-friendly meal option! The paneer was cooked perfectly and the roll was filled with generous portions. The staff were friendly and the service was quick, perfect for a lunch break at the office. I highly recommend this spot for those looking for value for their money. Will definitely be ordering again from here.

Subhankar Roy 05 May 2024

Prince Chaat is a great option for those following a Paleo diet. While they primarily specialize in Indian street snacks, they also offer a delicious Aloo Tikki that is paleo-friendly. Made with a savory potato patty and cooked in healthy oils, this dish is bursting with flavor and satisfies those cravings for something crunchy. I highly recommend trying it out and sharing your experience with others on social media. Prince Chaat is definitely worth a visit for those who prefer paleo options.

Christopher Jacksone 28 Mar 2024

I recently ordered from Cafe Culture for our office lunch and I must say, their Harissa Chicken was absolutely delicious! The flavors were spot on and had the perfect amount of spice. As someone who values quick meals during office breaks, I was impressed with their delivery speed and packaging. The chicken was still warm when it arrived and the packaging kept it fresh. Definitely a great spot for a quick and tasty lunch option. Highly recommend!

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