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Best Restaurants with Breakfast in Green Park, New Delhi
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Ravi 27 Mar 2024

The Southgate Kitchen is a great choice for those who are looking for gluten-free meal options. While dining there, I tried their Ghosht Shammi dish and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. Not only was it gluten-free, but it was also packed with flavor. As someone who follows a gluten-free diet, I appreciate restaurants that offer delicious and safe options. I highly recommend The Southgate Kitchen for anyone seeking tasty and gluten-free meals.

Yogesh Rana 27 Mar 2024

I recently ordered a late-night snack from Cakes & Bakes and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. The Pineapple Pastry was simply delicious, with the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. The best part was that it arrived hot and fresh, despite being delivered late at night. As someone who often orders food for late-night study sessions, delivery time and food freshness are important to me, and Cakes & Bakes exceeded my expectations on both fronts. Highly recommend for any late

Uttam 28 Mar 2024

I recently tried Eighteen Paranthe and I must say, their Aloo Paratha was spot on! Being someone who loves spicy food, I was delighted to see that the spice level in their dish was just perfect. The flavours were well-balanced and the paratha was cooked to perfection. The whole dining experience was fantastic, from the ambiance to the service. I highly recommend this restaurant to all my fellow spicy food lovers. Definitely going back for more!

Ankita Garg 28 Mar 2024

I recently discovered Cakeheart through a friend's recommendation and I must say, it has become my go-to dessert place. Their Bestseller Combo 4 is truly a winner with its variety of delicious treats. From gooey chocolate brownies to creamy cheesecakes, every item was a delight to my taste buds. The presentation of the desserts was also on point, making them even more enticing. I highly recommend Cakeheart to anyone with a sweet tooth. You won't be disappointed!

Suyash 28 Mar 2024

I recently ordered dinner from Cafe Chapter 1 and had the pleasure of trying their Veg Paradise Pizza - and let me tell you, it was delicious. The premium quality of ingredients was evident in each bite and I couldn't help but share my meal experience on social media. From the crispy crust to the perfectly balanced flavors, this pizza truly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend giving it a try and sharing your own dinner meal experience at Cafe Chapter 1.

Zeenat Khan 27 Mar 2024

I recently ordered the Corn & Peas Sub with Beverage Combo from Bread Boxx and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! The sub was packed full of flavor and the combination of corn and peas was unique yet delicious. Not to mention, the beverage in the combo was the perfect complement to the sandwich. The packaging was also top-notch, keeping everything fresh and intact. I highly recommend trying this combo for your next lunch delivery. Share your experience with me and let's swap lunch recipes on

Tejaswita Rai 31 Mar 2024

I recently dined at Cafe 99 and was blown away by their gluten-free options. From their delicious gluten-free bread to their flavorful gluten-free pasta dishes, there was something for every gluten-free diner. I also appreciated their attention to cross-contamination and how well-trained their staff was in accommodating dietary restrictions. The atmosphere at Cafe 99 was also lovely, making for an ultimate good dining experience. I highly recommend Cafe 99 for anyone looking for a great gluten-free meal.

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