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Sizzle Dazzle Brownie, Cheese Sandwich, Vanilla Cappuccino

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Rupesh Jha

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Hey I'm coming with a new #experience and I this experience I #wanna share with you all.As you all know that CCD is mine one the #faviorite brand where I come many days of the week.But it's not the same place I'm going to tell you about the good and #valueformoney service given by the staff of cc'd #ccd_appolli_hospital Here I came and I deserves they have huge rush in their #outlet I think it's impossible to attend all In the kind full #manners here is a cashier who attend all and they know I how much time they will prepare all orders They have a good staff #best_service I ordered from here and my number is 12th and cashier gives me 15 minutes time but they prepare my order in 6 to 7 minutes only and they serve it on my table in #between 10 minutes. That was #amazing good point I found here.Really time is very #valuable for all and ccd know all thing.In my words I always #prefer you go to the ccd brand.Thanks #magicpinRegards #rupesh_jha Sudhir jain Hemant baid Amit Chopra Amandeep Singh Narang Kumar Harry ...