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Best Restaurants in Jhilmil Colony, New Delhi
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Shubhi 30 Apr 2024

The meal options at Charsi Chaap are a health-conscious person's dream come true. The rumali roti is a standout item, bringing a perfect amount of crispness and flavor to the meal. I appreciate how this restaurant focuses on the nutritional values and portion sizes of their dishes. It's comforting to know that I can enjoy a delicious meal without feeling guilty. Overall, Charsi Chaap offers a fantastic dining experience for those looking for healthy and tasty options.

Shubham Kesarwani 27 Mar 2024

Pizza Crush is definitely a haven for those who love spicy food! I was blown away by their mixed sauce pasta, which had the perfect balance of heat and flavour. The chef really knows how to work with spices and created a dish that was bursting with delicious flavours. I also appreciated the wide range of options on the menu, offering different levels of spiciness for all taste preferences. The service was top-notch and the ambience was perfect for a casual meal. Cannot wait to go back and try

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