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Karan Singh 05 May 2024

I recently tried Ayushman Pizza And Bakery Shop and had their Capsicum Pizza. The pizza was really good, with a perfect balance of flavors and a delicious crust. The shop has a cozy ambience and the staff were friendly and helpful. I also noticed that they have a variety of other continental dishes on their menu. I highly recommend trying out this place if you're a fan of continental cuisine. Overall, I had a great experience and I can't wait to go back and try more dishes from

Anirudh 27 Mar 2024

I have found my go-to spot for late-night study sessions - Golden taste pizza! Their Margherita pizza is top notch, with the perfect balance of sauce and cheese. The delivery time is always on point, which is a major plus for me. The freshness of the pizza is also impressive, making it a truly satisfying late-night snack. Highly recommended for anyone who shares my preference for late-night food deliveries.


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Kunal Dixit 06 May 2024

I recently visited Bihari Dhaba and was pleasantly surprised to find gluten-free options on their menu. The highlight of my meal was the Fish Curry which was absolutely delicious and had a perfect balance of spices. Being someone who follows a gluten-free diet, I appreciate restaurants that cater to different dietary restrictions. The atmosphere of the dhaba was also charming and added to the overall experience. I would highly recommend Bihari Dhaba to anyone looking for authentic and tasty gluten-free options

Himansu Swain 05 May 2024

I recently visited Srinath Fast Food and was pleasantly surprised to find that they offer Paleo diet options! As someone who follows the Paleo diet, I appreciate when restaurants cater to my dietary preferences. I tried their Butter Dosa which was simply delicious and definitely a must-try for fellow Paleo enthusiasts. The taste was spot on and I couldn't believe it was part of my diet. I highly recommend Srinath Fast Food for those looking for tasty and healthy Paleo options. Their commitment to providing Paleo

Genious Gupta 06 May 2024

I recently dined at Divine Family Restaurant and was pleasantly surprised by their extensive gluten-free menu options. The chole was a standout dish, with its flavorful spices and perfectly cooked chickpeas. As someone who follows a gluten-free diet, I appreciate the effort the restaurant puts into accommodating their guests. Their dedication to offering tasty gluten-free options truly sets them apart. I highly recommend trying Divine Family Restaurant for a delicious and gluten-free dining experience.

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