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Shubham Kamra 27 Mar 2024

I recently tried Paljee's and was blown away by their selection of dry fruit cookies. As someone who favors quick bites and fast food, I was pleased with their quick service and packaging. The cookies were perfectly crispy and packed with delicious dried fruits. I highly recommend trying them out, especially if you're in a rush or looking for a convenient snack option. Overall, Paljee's exceeded my expectations in terms of delivery speed and taste. Will definitely be ordering from them again!

Samakshi 28 Mar 2024

I recently tried Muradabadi Chicken Biryani and I must say, as someone who loves spicy food, this dish did not disappoint! The chicken was tender and the rice was cooked perfectly, but what really made it stand out was the spice level. It had just the right amount of heat, giving it a flavorful kick without being too overwhelming. I've tried many different biryanis, but this one definitely stood out for its unique and delicious taste. I highly recommend it to anyone who

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