Best Mithai Restaurants in Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi

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Average Customer Spend:
Mithai, Street Food
Veg Only, AC
Must Haves:
Raj Kachori, Pao Bhaji, Onion Rawa Masala Dosa
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Kartik Gambhir

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Its the all time favourite place for foodies who like to indulge in good food rather than the ambience with all music and lavish decor. Pav bhaji, golgappas and raj kachori is must try for everyon I felt peckish and lusting for tea and snacks; I wished to taste some "Dhabaa" food but the risk of Delhi-belly was high; no problem, said my brother in law, we have Haldiraams just outside Rewari; it was just the place I was looking for: clean, a variety of light bites and meals on the offer, and clean and hygienic washrooms; we ordered an assortment including Aaloo tikki, chole bhature and masala tea: delectable! I was so impressed that the next day we drove the half an hour back to Haldiraams for lunch rather than partake a vastly more expensive buffet lunch at Neemrana! The issue at hand was taste and quality to suit the Indian palate rather than money; nevertheless, Haldiraams ticked every box and would be my choice for dependable quality, taste and hygiene everytime I travel in northern India #UniqueFood #JuicySteaks #SamosaTime #DateState #HappyWallets #ReadersDen #DriveToEat #UpinSmokes #KhaatKeThaat #SincerelySouthIndian #BestofBreweries #WorkandWifi #ThatView #SincerelySouthIndian ...