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Best Restaurants with Breakfast in Pacific Mall, New Delhi
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Sachin Srivastava (Ś.Š) 31 Mar 2024

I recently visited Starbucks and was pleasantly surprised by their gluten-free options. Not only did they have a variety of delicious meals to choose from, but I was also able to quench my thirst with their Himalayan Still Water. The perfect combination for a gluten-free meal. I highly recommend giving Starbucks a try, not only for their great food, but for their attention to those with dietary restrictions.

Shanu Bhandari 31 Mar 2024

Fitchef is a game changer for all the vegans out there! They offer a wide range of delicious and healthy vegan options, with their Healthy Grilled Tofu Protein Salad being my personal favorite. The gym and muscle community will love this place, with their focus on providing clean and nutritious plant-based meals. The presentation of the food is top-notch and the flavors are simply amazing. I highly recommend Fitchef for all the vegans looking for a delicious yet healthy dining experience. Can

Kashish 28 Mar 2024

I recently tried Sethi's The Cake Shop and was blown away by their Kiwi Cream Cake. The cake was moist and bursting with fresh kiwi flavor. The cream was light and not too sweet, making it the perfect balance of flavors. The presentation was also top-notch, adding to the overall experience. I highly recommend trying out this hidden gem for their delicious cakes and friendly service. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Sanskriti Priya 31 Mar 2024

I recently tried the family meal deal at Parkash Bakery and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and value for money. The small pizza base was freshly baked and had a delicious crust. The bread was also very good. I appreciated that the portion sizes were generous, perfect for feeding the whole family. I must say, this is a great option for ordering food for family dinners on weekends. The unbeatable value for money definitely makes Parkash Bakery a go-to choice for our family meals. Highly recommend!

saubhagya palai 28 Mar 2024

Pappi Lehari Ki Lehar is a must-visit restaurant for all spicy food lovers. I recently tried their Plain Maggie and was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted. The spice level was just perfect and added a unique flavour to the dish. As someone who loves to explore different cuisines, I am always on the lookout for new restaurants offering spicy dishes. And Pappi Lehari Ki Lehar definitely did not disappoint. Their food consistently delivers on taste and spice, making it a

GaUrav ArOra 27 Mar 2024

I recently visited Darshan Chole Bhature and was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of Keto diet options on their menu. Being someone who follows the Keto diet, I was thrilled to see a Paneer Naan Thali that was not only delicious but also fit my dietary preferences. I couldn't resist sharing my experience and the tempting Keto recipe options on my social platforms. The Paneer Naan Thali was cooked to perfection and the taste was simply divine. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone

Parveen Kashyap 28 Mar 2024

I recently tried Kohli Hut's veg cheese masala Maggi and it was a quick and delicious snack option. The delivery speed was impressive and the Maggi was packed neatly, ensuring it stayed hot during transit. The perfect combination of cheese and masala was mouth-watering and left me wanting more. Definitely a go-to option for a quick and tasty bite. Highly recommend for anyone with a busy schedule who still wants a satisfying meal.


Fast Food

Rahul Panwar 28 Mar 2024

I recently had a business meeting at Kohli Junction and ordered their tomato soup. I must say, it was delicious! The soup had the perfect balance of flavors and was served piping hot. The presentation was also top-notch, with a drizzle of cream and fresh herbs on top. It truly felt like a gourmet dish from a high-end restaurant. I would highly recommend the tomato soup at Kohli Junction for anyone looking for a flavorful and well-presented appetizer. Overall, their attention to detail

Ayush 27 Mar 2024

I recently ordered from the Online Paratha Center and tried their 2 Panner De Parathe Te Desi Chaa combo. As someone who loves spicy food, I was excited to see that they offered a variety of spicy dishes. And I must say, the Panner De Parathe did not disappoint! The flavor was rich and the spice level was just right for my taste buds. Accompanied with the Desi Chaa, it made for a perfect and satisfying meal. The online ordering process

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